Review: The Complete Eyebrow Guide

For as much time, effort, and money we spend on perfecting our appearance, it must be something that holds quite a bit of importance.  Beauty and fashion trends are ever-changing, as the latest fads tend to evolve quickly over short periods of time.

One thing is to be sure: Great looking eyebrows never go out of style.  It’s one accessory your face can’t afford to skimp on, unless of course, you favor the whole Sasquatch look.  Thank Heavens, I’ve grown out of that stage.  Seventh grade… yeeow.

Bushy eyebrows and glasses? Check.  I didn't grow the mustache until later.
Bushy eyebrows and glasses? Check. The mustache didn't make an appearance for another few years.

Trisha Bartle, the beauty and brains behind Makeup Files, was an absolute doll in letting me check out her latest eBook, The Complete Eyebrow Guide.  She has compiled an extensive, yet easy-to-follow guide on achieving the perfect brows.  The book goes through various hair removal options, includes step-by-step instructions and is packed full of other informative tips and tricks I would have never known.

One thing I especially appreciated was the section dedicated to grooming men’s eyebrows.  I think we can all give her a big THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for that one!

...not cute.
...not cute.

If you’d like to become acquainted with Trisha, her beauty blog and her lovely eBook, hop on over to Makeup Files and read for yourself. :)

12 thoughts on “Review: The Complete Eyebrow Guide

  1. I might just actually have to check that book out. Sometimes I get pretty lazy in the brow department. I’m allergic to the wax, which is the easiest way to deal with it. Last time I waxed them I had a puffy red rash all over my brow area and forehead for a week. Not cute. So I tend to get lazy because tweezing takes FOREVER.

  2. I am eye-brow obsessed. I have to be though. They have a mind of their own. I’ve never seen anyone’s eyebrows move and part like mine do. I shouldn’t have to worry about keeping my eyebrows in place! Wtf.

  3. Thanks, Morgan, for the glowing review!

    And yeah, guys could sure use some eyebrow help most of the time. It’s like they’re afraid that they won’t be so manly afterward. Sorry guys, but you will look BETTER afterward. And still lovably manly.

  4. Oooh yeah. Eyebrows are very important. I also had the crazy out of control ones back in the day… and I hope to never go back. It helps that my sister waxes mine!!

  5. Speaking of eyebrows of the past…

    I was looking through this photo album that my mom made me. It’s my life from the day I was born until I was about 20.

    I’ve gotta tell ya, I would have looked a LOT better when I was in school if I’d have done something to my eyebrows. Yikes!

  6. It’s so funny that you posted this! I am constantly making sure my hubby doesn’t have any misplaced hairs in his facial area. And it cracks us both up when we are around others who clearly need a ‘misplaced hair check-up’!! One that cracks me up regularly is Andy Roonie from 60 Minutes…you’d think with a professional make-up crew at his disposal, he’d have those eyebrows taken care of!

  7. funny you post this, i was going to get mine done today, but I decided maybe I should do them myself. Did you out of control eyebrows inspire you? lol love you!

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