22 thoughts on “Last Night’s Dinner

  1. How DARE you? I want some. :-/ I just have half of a one layer chocolate cake at home…. and it pales in comparison to rainbow chip.

    (yes I said only half is left.. though I did make Cale help me eat some. Could you imagine the carnage that would ensue. A whole chocolate cake to myself? Ugh my stomach hurts just thinking about it.)

  2. i would eat cupcakes morning noon and night if Mr. D went blind. he’s been watching me like a hawk lately!

    LOVING THE BLOG! Adding it to mine.


  3. Jimaie: Oh myy, yes! It is the best! And I just stacked two cake plates for the tiered cupcake stand. :)

  4. If that’s a sign of pregnancy, then I must have a countless number of phantom babies wandering around. That’s all I can say about that.


  5. I was just sitting here wondering what to have for breakfast… and now I don’t think anything but cupcakes will satisfy!! Thanks, Morgan, thanks a lot. :)

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