31 thoughts on “To Justin

  1. Happy Anniversary!! Two years… how wonderful.

    It’s Sarah Marie’s anniversary today too! Did you know you guys are anniversary twins? :)

  2. Talia: I just saw that! So funny! Sarah and I have so much in common… I don’t know why our anniversaries would be any different, haha!

  3. Thanks babe, HA right back at ya! I’m so excited about dinner tonight, haha.

    @Talia: That’s funny, it’s our neighbors anniversary today too.

  4. Hey there anniversary twinsie!!!! How fun is that?! We are the coolest ever because we know September 23 is the perfect day to get married! Genius. I love it! Yaya!!! Congrats to you and Justin! You guys are too cute! And you are one funny girlie — yummmm lasanga sounds good!

  5. Congrats! I remember that day, and your car, that was fun. And I remember Justin and when we mentioned babies. He was on the 5 year plan. So funny!

  6. Rachel: Most days. lol

    …loveMaegan: Haha, Taco Bell! I love it! And yes… I dyed it dark a little before I knew I was pregnant because the maintenance was a the DEVIL. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with the roots right now, though I do miss the blonde. :(

  7. Sue: Thanks for commenting! And I checked out that blog… it does look like something I would like. Thanks!

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