Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re pregnant, you get asked questions.

Lots of questions.

Are you registered?

Oh, Registry Question, how I despise you.  Those who are close to me know that I have a major issue with registries.  There’s something in me that just feels like it’s a glorified way of begging, and that by having a huge list of items you specifically want, you’re pretty much telling people how to spend their money on you.  I don’t know… I just don’t like them.

However, I did crumble and register for a few necessities, but am only offering that information when people ask me. If you really want to know what to buy, that’s cool, but I promise I’ll be completely thrilled with anything!

You can call me crazy, that’s alright. :)

Do you have any stretch marks?

Remember this little incident?  The one where I totally freaked out over my first stretch mark?  Well thankfully, it’s still my only one!  It’s light, on my left hip, and barely noticeable, which may very well be due to the fact that I can’t see anything below my belly, but still…  Out of sight, out of mind. (Denial? Maybe.)

What is your due date?

November 27 — Thanksgiving Day.  This question never fails to bring on the guilt of my secret wish for Maddie to arrive either a few days early or a few days late… all because of my ridiculous and obsessive love of Thanksgiving dinner.  Who AM I?

When are you taking your maternity leave?

The plan is to work as long as possible and take my leave as close to my due date as I can.  I would much rather spend those 6 weeks cuddling with my new baby girl than on bed rest beforehand, but whatever happens, happens.

Are you planning to breastfeed?

Ah, another one of life’s TERRIFYING questions.  See, I was pumped (sorry, couldn’t resist) about breastfeeding after hearing of those awesome weight-loss benefits.  Losing 60 pounds in 3 months?  Sign a sista up.  But at that first mention of  ‘cracked, bloody nips’, I about passed out.  How do you women DO that!?  The pain, the horror!

After briefly mentioning my fear of breastfeeding, I was met some with awesome feedback (see the comments section of my 31 Weeks post).  Thank you all so much for your encouragement and advice! I’m thinking it’s a little more doable after seeing how many of you have tried and succeeded.  You know, despite the whole possibility of your nipples falling off.  That’s bravery, right there.

What are you craving?

I have some freakish cravings.  In all honesty, I think I might have Pica, which is apparently an iron-deficiency of some sort.  Who in their right mind craves the smell of a car’s air conditioner?  Or Sharpies?  Or would just kill to get her hands on a huge cup of ice to chew on?  That whole ice thing is especially crazy to me because before I was pregnant, I would get the chills and a stomach ache whenever anyone within earshot would chew on cold things like ice or popsicles.  Weiiiiird.

Those are some of the psychotic, non-edible cravings.  Food cravings consist of lemons, green apples, cheese, and sour candy.

How are you feeling?

In general, I’m feeling pretty good.  I’m not too huge or bulky, which is nice.  When people ask me how far along I am and I say “about 8 months”, they’re usually pretty shocked at how small my belly is.

On the other hand, there’s the whole weight gain thing.  And the sciatic nerve thing.  And the baby-kicking-the-snot-out-of-my-left-lung thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful for having a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy, but it’s still really hard not to complain about some of the symptoms!  Everything I’ve experienced up to this point is perfectly normal and common in pregnancy, so that’s a relief.

One thing that’s been really getting to me lately is just pure excitement.  I can’t wait to meet this girl! Who is she going to look like?  Will she be blessed with her mother’s witty, fabulous personality and amazing taste in shoes? Is she going to be a 6’4″ genius/computer geek like her dad?

Not knowing any of this?  Yeah, it’s driving me completely nuts.

17 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Steph: lol, I hope not. At least I only want to SMELL those… I might commit myself if I wanted to eat a Sharpie or AC air. :)

  2. I highly reccommend getting some hydrogel pads for the first two weeks of breastfeeding, too. The lanolin is essential, but these pads REALLY helped during the adjustment period. It was a nice relief. You can use them a few times, too, I think. As long as it’s within the same day. My nipples thanked me :)

  3. Stay away from Sharpies! Your kiddle will come out all cracked! :p And also, I’m surprised you don’t do more complaining…because I so would!!!!

  4. So many questions! Breastfeeding is only one of the many things that scares me about pregnancies. Eek! I definitely think you should commit yourself if you start eating Sharpies or biting AC air. hehehe

  5. It’s kinda funny people ask you so many questions – cuz a ton of those are quite personal! Oh my! That’s so funny you have pica — another girl I know said she wanted to eat gravel or a piece of a brick! Maybe I already have pica bcuz I love crunching ice and my mom says its cuz I’m anemic and need more iron! Aiii! And John is so weird cuz he loves the smell of the AC! Crazy. Yeah, I dunno what I’m going to do about breastfeeding when the time goes. You’ll have to let us know how it goes!

  6. I just remembered that this woman I met a while back told me that for a while before her baby was born she took a scouring pad into the shower with her and rubbed her nipples with it. That pretty much desensitized them and she said that breastfeeding was a breeze after that. Can you say owie wowie?

  7. Allison: That image just made my cry a little. How painful!!!

    sohobutterfly: I keep thinking I’m going to have a photoshoot, but I keep putting it off! I really should though!

  8. Yes, you *really* should! I love maternity shoots – they are the best. Especially around the 8 month mark.

    I think – one day – I will be the world’s most photographed pregnant woman. That’s it, I just decided. It’s my GOAL. *lol*

  9. I agree with Sohobutterfly! A maternity shoot would be adorable!

    It’s refreshing to hear that sort of attitude about registering. Sure, registries have their perks, but it’s also nice to just be appreciative of whatever someone might pick out for you.

    As far as your comment… don’t worry, Half Beard man does not make me look down on anyone! Loving Jesus and being bonkers are two completely unrelated characteristics :)

  10. I’m 34 weeks pregnant and I always get suspicious glances when I tell people that – not sure why, who would exaggerate their level of pregnancy?

    I, too, am terrified of breastfeeding – probably more so than the actual birth. I’m going to give it a try to but also give myself permission to stop if it’s just not working for us. Although I really hope it does.

    I really love your blog. It’s nice to see someone going through the same things I am.

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