Save me from myself

Day 1 of my attempt at kicking the caffeine habit:

Replacing my usual morning latte with something a bit more healthy and energizing makes sense, in theory… But guess what?


Now I’m just bugged that I spent almost $5.00 on this thing that didn’t do anything but hype up my baby and make her kick me repeatedly in the left lung.  Want to know the weird thing?  Caffeine doesn’t make her do that — she’s usually all mellow and loving life and keeps her little feet to herself after I have some coffee.  Is it wrong that I’ve turned my daughter into a junkie?  Yeah, maybe.

Sorry for the poor quality… but you get the picture, right?

Has anyone successfully kicked their caffeine addiction?  Fill me in! My lungs thank you in advance.

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  1. yes, i successfully stopped drinking coffee during my pregnancy. i don’t drink pop. i switched to Roobius tea for the most part. but now i’m back to coffee. :P Good Luck!

  2. I was a 6+ cup a day drinker. Black coffee. Loved me some coffee. I was super worried about withdrawals and stuff… but at about 6 weeks (I’m only 7 1/2) coffee started to sound revolting to me. So gross I could gag. That is the only way I’ve been able to stay away. Who knows if that is going to change though. If it still sounded good, I’m sure I’d be indulging too. Books say its still ok to drink in moderation. So I say don’t worry about having some.

  3. Hmm…I don’t know that I’m addicted..maybe since lack of caffeine gives me headaches sometimes. But honestly 95% of the time that I drink coffee is because my dad brings me it from Starbucks at work. Outside of that, maybe a few other times a month. Not taking a shower makes me more sleepy :)

    Ahhh alien belleh in full force! That’s crazy! She’s like, “MOM WHERE IS MY COFFEE DANGIT!!!!!!”

  4. Okay i didn’t read the link and realized it said nothing about which types of teas are less caffeine. Bleh nevermind. You know I’m not exactly with it today so forgive me.

    And WHY OH WHY couldn’t she move like that when I was there. One week baby, and I’m all over that bellah

  5. I weened myself off of coffee gradually. I went from a 5 or 6 cup/day habit to none in a few weeks by just going down by a cup every 4 or 5 days. Then I’d substitute every other cup for decaf. Next thing you know, I didn’t need coffee and I had no withdrawal headaches. Good luck on kicking the habit. How long into pregnancy is one allowed to drink coffee anyway?

  6. I’ve been caffeine free for years. No caffeine here. How did I kick it? Determination, probably. I just decided one day. But, my reasons for quitting were pretty important. Caffeine made my migraines worse and more frequent, and caffeine is a drug and I’m drug free.

    And I loooove Jamba Juice. There aren’t any where I’m living right now and I could cry a river of bland, un-fruity tears.

    Also, maybe you’re baby is kicking away because she’s happy? Maybe she’s like, “mmm, fruit.” Perhaps.

  7. Oh poor YOU. I am SO sorry. I can’t believe you were even able to be witty on here on your first days without coffee. Yes, I have given it up- but not by choice- more by nausea. And the tiredness and cloud over my head for at least a week was enough to make me think I needed anti-depressants. I’m so sorry!

  8. Kristen: You are now officially my idol! Back into your old jeans in two weeks, quitting coffee… so awesome!

    downbeat: I think they say coffee is okay in moderation (like See Sherm Blog said up there), which has been my way of rationalizing my habit these past 8 months. :) Maybe I should try the whole weaning thing… I usually quit and give up because I try cold turkey and get frustrated. :)

    Trisha: No Jamba Juice!? Poor girl! We have … 4 I think, in Fresno. Come visit!

  9. I tried to quit tea-drinking, for health reasons and because of the caffiene headaches I’d get if I didn’t have my tea early enough in the day. I CANNOT DO IT. It’s not easy being an addict. Without caffiene I am a miserable, throbbing, lazy lump. I was useless at work. I would be sleepy all the time… Now I’m down to 2 a day (one in the AM, one after lunch for a pick-me-up) and that’s a bare minimum.

  10. Really, I only quit for a bit. I would drink hot cocoa in the morning just to save myself so I could have ONE mountain dew (I know, really hyped up in caffeine but I craved it)

    Then I started getting wicked migraines and the nurse told me to have a soda, lol. I just kept it limited and my doc was okay with that

  11. When I found out I was pregnant with my first son I stopped cold turkey. I had headaches that you wouldn’t believe, and cranky? Ohhh yeah. Then I learned that you’re actually supposed to cut back *slowly*. Oops. I’m now caffeine-free for medical reasons and I am glad but boy do I miss Dr. Pepper and coffee.

  12. 1. I love a little jamba in the morning–add a shot of daily vitamin and I am good to go.
    2. I had to do the caffiene withdrawal at a gradual pace, including the sodas. I found that the crystal light packets added to bottle water helped me wean myself. But I got some wicked headaches along the way.
    3. My son tended to kick me more when I was off caffiene…maybe because I slowed down too. He wanted to move move move and didn’t like when I sat down for too long.

  13. I decided to go off caffeine a couple months before we started trying to have a baby – my doctor convinced me by saying “You wouldn’t give your baby a cup of coffee, would you?”

    I ended up just drinking water nonstop and made sure to take Tylenol at the slightest twinge of a headache.

    I have not had any caffeine since December and I really don’t miss it that much.

  14. OH man. I’m sooo addicted to caffeine! I’m trying to cut down to just one soda a day — but even that is hard work! Aiii! If I don’t have soda/coffee in the morning/afternoon then I get a MAJOR headache! Def an addict! And now your little bebe is too! Like mother, like daughter :)

  15. With my first child, I followed the whole quit the caffeine ordeal…only to have yuck headaches and magnified grumpiness. Finally 8 months of MISSING MY COFFEE misery, I gave up! I had one wonderful delicious latte a day and felt REALLY guilty. One beautiful son born, 6 months of acid reflux induced colic (thank god for liquid zantac for infants), 9 months of no sleeping through the night and lo and behold, I walk past my husband in the bathroom and I’m pregnant…dear lord give me strength =) This time I asked my ob/gyn, ” Just tell me what coffee is going to do to this baby because there’s no way I’m giving up the only thing that makes me function” She said ” unless you drink enough that you really feel you’ve drunk a lot of coffee, it doesn’t do anything. Your one latte a day does nothing bad” WOOHOO! That’s all I needed! Now two healthy happy (4&2 Yeah we’re almost completely potty trained) children later I still have my one a day latte and coca-cola pick me up in the afternoon.

  16. i didn’t drink a drop during the first 12 weeks, and then i slowly started introducing it again. first with decaf tea, then decaf coffee, and now i allow myself a pepsi now and then. i’m still no where near the caffiene addict i was pre-pregnancy, but it’s so lovely to have a little here and there :)

  17. Hi.. I have been reading your blog off and on . I am coming out of my lurking phase. :) I heard (not sure that it is true) that if you eat an apple in the morning, it is supposed to give you as much energy as a cup of coffee. Now that may be coming from crazies out there. But hey, it is worth a shot. And I think it is ok to have coffee in moderation.. You are allowed 3-4 servings of caffeine a day if you are pregnant. So if you need one, drink one. :)

  18. I gave up caffeine long before I got pregnant, but mainly because it was hurting my stomach and keeping me up at night. I weened myself from it slowly, though, but starting to drink half-caf/half-decaf, then decaf tea.

  19. Well, if you read my blog – you know that one day I was determined (uh, or realized I’m freaking ADDICTED!) and I drank half-caf one day, then decaf, then just hot chocolate for a few days to stay with my habit of bringing something to work with me.

    At least your little girl is a healthy one, right!? Fruit makes her happy! Yay!

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