32 1/2 Weeks

I know… how dare I wait 4 extra days to post a belly picture?

Belly size = booty size... neaaaaat.

So, umm… apparently I grew a little bit in the last week.  At least it feels like it!  Baby girl is a little over 4lbs, which blows my mind because, well, according to the scale she should be weighing somewhere around 35 pounds at this point. I know, it’s a total mystery to me too.

I did manage to do something productive this weekend and started cleaning out the spare room/office/monstrous mass of junk to make way for all the baby goodness I’m starting to receive.  My parents bought us a crib and it is just too stinkin’ cute — the picture on the box is, anyway.  Oh sorry, did I say productive?  I meant between painting my nails, eating a full box of Gobstoppers and watching about 10 episodes of Prison Break yesterday, I managed to unpack a box of candles and picture frames from when we moved. Six months ago.

Yes, I was totally the girl who saved her 15 page term papers for the night before they were due. I have a feeling when I go into labor, I’ll be like, “Hey Justin, can you help me decorate this room really fast?  I’m just going to finish washing all these clothes, packing the hospital bag and writing up my birth plan. Meet you in the car in half an hour.”

In my defense, those last-minute term papers turned out to be some of my best work.  Masterpieces, in fact.  I do extremely well under pressure, just saying. :)

22 thoughts on “32 1/2 Weeks

  1. I am so there with you on the procrastination! Watching episodes of TV shows is just so much more enjoyable than unpacking… as is just about anything!

    You look adorable!

  2. You look so cute – and that’s not easy to do in bathroom lighting:)

    I love Prison Break! I could easily catch up on that all afternoon.

  3. You look amazing… and sister, I TOTALLY hear you on the wait-till-the-LAST- minute on things… I’m REALLY trying to move past that, but with ALL these CUTE blogs online, it’s REALLY hard! If you need help with anything though, I am HERE! I am a really great organizer and i LOVE to decorate. Call me if you need my help anything!

  4. Baby got back…and front… :) You’re too cute!!!

    I feel you on the procrastination thing…and for reals, give me one night and I’ll bust out the best paper ever!! Although, this weekend Chris wanted to park his car in the garage SO bad that he made me be responsible and unpack more boxes. Wtf?

  5. You got the crib??? Awww! I <3 your belly. BTW we went to Urban outfitters this weekend and there were a billion adorable things that would go with your nursery: picture frames, lamps, etc. Oh and at an antique store there was a little onsie with a scottie dog :) lol but I didn’t get it because it looked too boyish for Miss Maddie.

  6. Wow you look GREAT!! And I’m so with you on the procrastination too. I have nothing ready for this baby- except my husband DID set up the crib. We still have tons of stuff to buy and she only has like 2 outfits and 3 pajamas. I need to get going on some of it because the holidays are going to be coming up too and I’m sure I won’t want to be last minute baby AND Christmas shopping at the same time. lol. You’re getting there!!!! Almost done!! (What is your official due date?)

  7. Laurie: Isn’t Prison Break awesome?! I just discovered it and am fully addicted. LOVE IT!

    Rachel: Thanks so much… I might be taking you up on that offer after seeing all your cute decorating ideas on your blog. :)

    Kourtni: Ah, I didn’t even think about Christmas shopping! I need to get on the ball with that too, haha! My official due date is Thanksgiving day – 11/27. Turkey baby. :)

  8. I stumbled upon your blog last night while I couldn’t sleep, and spent an enjoyable hour reading all your past posts. You look too cute in this picture! I admire your dedication to fashion and heels while pregnant. I can only hope to do the same when my time rolls around!

  9. Your baby bump is sooo adorable! And this picture makes me want to go straighten my hair. Your hair always looks so cute! Oh, and work that bootie, girllll! ;)

  10. I can’t get over how adorable you are. I am a procrastinator myself. I am taking a geology class with a research paper and do you think I’ve started yet? Mmmm…nope! When will I start it? I dunno, but it’s not due for at least a few more weeks, so I’m good.

  11. sarah marie p: This booty has a mind of it’s own right now.. HEY, WHA HAPPENED?!

    Allison: A few more weeks might as well be a few more years… you have PLENTY of time. :) haha

  12. that booty is FANTASTIC!! :D loves it. and you are ridiuclously adorable, for serious! you look tre amazing for being as far along as you are, i was a BLIMP!
    i laughed out loud at your procrastination comment, decorating while in labor? oh man!! LOL
    woman, i cannot believe that you still haven’t started decorating her room LOL!!! i can’t wait to see the final product tho! :D

  13. you are just too funny… I love your take on procrastination, and will say there is quite a lot of truth to that in my life too sometimes. :) For example, I was up until 2:30 am, a mere 3 hours before I actually went into labor with Annabelle, finishing making AND wrapping Christmas presents. (she was born Dec. 23rd). but I got it all done!! :)

    as always, you look great. And if it makes you feel any better, my booty is equal to my belly size right now too, and there is every possibility the ratio will stay that way!

  14. Wow, you look great! I’m also expecting a girl, approximately a week after you, apparently. How do you know how much your baby weighs?

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