33 Weeks and a Baby Shower

This past weekend my Mom and Grammy hosted a baby shower for the ladies in my family and a few close friends.  It turned out SO lovely!  They served some of my favorite food, including some adorable homemade cupcakes, and planned a few fun games for the guests.  I just had the best time.  It was nice to be the guest of honor and not running around doing, you know… work.  Haha.

My Mom, me, and Grammy -- Three generations of baby-makin' goodness.
My Mom, me, and Grammy -- Three generations of baby-makin' goodness.
I'm in love with these things!
I'm in love with these things!

My dear friend Stephanie also drove all the way from the bay area to share in the baby shower fun, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to spend the afternoon with her.  After the shower, we took the gift cards I received and went on a little shopping spree at Target, where I bought Maddie a much-needed dresser (you should have seen the clothes this girl was given… you would die).

Steph loves me, even though I'm a pasty beast.

Later on, we met up with Miss Sarah Marie for coffee and had a good old fashioned, video blogging time (I giggle WAY too much in that video — you have been warned).  That girl is such a crack up and I love her so!  She was sweet enough to bring me a gift for the baby as well — two sweet onesies.

Okay, you know that game where everyone takes turns cutting a piece of yarn to see if they can correctly guess how big the pregnant girl’s belly is?  I never understood why the girl always seemed oh, so offended that anyone would guess a larger size than she actually was. I mean, girl, get a grip.  You’re pregnant… of COURSE you have a big belly!

Well, shame on me.

According to 95% of my family (yes, family… you know, the people who love you unconditionally and who are supposed to lie and tell you that you look fabulous when you’re an absolute hideous mess), I AM A WHALE.  I swear there were 2 extra feet of string on some of these guesses!  Bless my Auntie Sharon for coming within a few inches of my actual size.  I told her, “I knew I loved you for a reason!”

Fat jokes aside, it was a very sweet, memorable weekend.  I’m so blessed to have such great women in my life who would throw and attend such a special event in my honor. Or maybe I’m being a tad self-absorbed and everyone’s actually excited about this new little person who’s arriving in 6 weeks or something.  Hmm, yeah that could be it.

Check out Stephanie’s blog for pictures of her adorable and thoughtful gift for baby Madeline.

17 thoughts on “33 Weeks and a Baby Shower

  1. It’s ok you have permission to be “self-absorbed” (which I don’t think you are being). Those cupcakes look delicious and the picture of you with your mom and grammy are adorable. Of course you and Steph are stunning too (can’t forget that).

  2. Dude, you are sooo not a whale — you are the tiniest, cutest preggers girlie ever! And you work that pale skin! I think it’s better than people WAY over guesses how big you are — if they had under guessed and you had to show them you were WAY bigger than you actually are — I think that would have been worst! Instead you can be like– booyah! You think a preggo girl would have a big o belly BUT — I am the tiniest mama to be!

    Yay! I’m so glad we got a chance to hang out and act like dorks at Starbucks! And I’m really glad Maddy didn’t have those onesies yet! I had so much fun with you girls! The time flew by! And yes, I was giggling a lot too! heee! Can’t wait to do it again!

    And can’t wait to see your bebe!

  3. Oh look you’re alive *you’ve been a tad quiet lately imo ;)* I love those cupcakes…who made them? I cannot believe you have been pregnant for 33 (!!!!) weeks! It seems like just yesterday…sniffle sniffle…

  4. Alyssa: I know, I’ve been a-slackin! My grandma made the cupcakes and my mom made the flowers to go on top. They were so cute!

  5. Glad you had a great shower! Your cupcakes are adorable!!!!!

    PS Your mom doesn’t look old enough to be a grandma…and your grandma doesn’t look like she could be a great grandma either!

  6. maddie is going to be here so sooooon!! i can’t believe it’s been 33 weeks already. ah! your shower looks like a great time and those cupcakes? to die for!! love it.

  7. Yay!! It was such a great weekend! Your shower was just so lovely and adorable. Maddie got some adorable outfits! And I love all the pictures :)

    AND you are such a beautiful pregnant lady. Your belly is just the cutest belly. and I GOT TO FEEL HER PUNCH ME!! :)

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