Early Christmas Shopping

I just came across this site, Brocade Home, and I am so shocked I hadn’t heard of it until today… it is FABULOUS! I’m all about fancy fabrics and unique accessories for the home, so needless to say this store is right up my alley.  Check out the sale going on right now:

1. Cocoa Collection Pillows – $19.00

2. Carved Metal Candelabra – $29.00

3. Leaf Trellis Chenille Rug – $49.00

4. Money Box – $39.00

5. Baroque Wall Sconce – $29.00

6. Shaped Perfume Bottles – $29.00

7. Carved Headboard – $399-$499

8. Medallion Jacquard Towels – $6

How great would it be to collect your loose change in that dainty little money box?  Or to store your favorite perfume in those adorable green bottles? Be still, my heart.

I may or may not have done some early online Christmas shopping this morning, so close friends and relatives, be excited!

17 thoughts on “Early Christmas Shopping

  1. I need that cute little money box NOW! Our tupperware change container is just not doing it for me! Oh I need those towels too…guest bathroom dontcha know??

  2. I love those towels. I need new towels for our guest bathroom and I love those colors together. Oh man Andrew watch out. I’m loving that site too, I found a duvet I absolutely love too. Bank account you better watch out. hehehe

  3. Hmmm…I think you said you ordered my Christmas gift yesterday. I’m putting 2 and 2 together. Such great stuff!

  4. Alyssa: haha, I know! Our change is collecting in an old junky jar I used to keep my scrunchies in. :)

    Mom: I think you’re onto somethiiiing… hee

  5. Shop at Brocade at your own peril. They dropped the ball and required folks who purchased at their fire sale before the temporarily closed the site jump through thousands of tiny hoops to (1) ask that their goods actually be you know, shipped (2) ask for a refund after calling again and finding out they nothing would actually ship and (3) not giving refunds after promising to give refunds.

    Restoration Hardware is running on a wing and a prayer, and their disgusting behavior towards their customers who purchased just before Brocade Home temporarily shut down should be a lesson that they won’t honor any of the promises on their website if profit comes first (shipping w/in a week? customer service on the phone? returns?). Just try giving their customer service phone line a call before you order. I think the answering machine that picks up should be evidence enough that you’d be best to look elsewhere.

    I know a number of people who ordered items that are, today, for sale on the site who were told that they couldn’t possibly be shipped because their warehouse was out of stock. Their behavior violates just about every consumer protection law on the books, and it’s a shame that folks are delighted that the site’s back up without having any clue about how scummy Restoration Hardware and Brocade Home are.

  6. I absolutely love Brocade home but by the time I discovered it the apartment was fully furnished :-( Sad times, Sad times.

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