34 Weeks and a Video

I took this video at 7:30 this morning outside our apartment.  I don’t know if you can tell from my ramblings, but toward the end our neighbors slammed their windows shut because I was talking too loud.  I totally freaked out from embarrassment, told Justin to turn off the camera and swiftly ran away to hide.

Anyway, that’s my belly at 34 weeks and we are getting really excited now.  Our apartment is overflowing with all sorts of little pink, girlie things and this weekend’s project is to get the nursery underway (FINALLY).

I have to say though, one of the best parts about being this far along is being able to say that I’m due next month!  Wheee!

19 thoughts on “34 Weeks and a Video

  1. Hi-larious. That’s totally something that I would’ve done at 7:30 in the morning, too… but I would’ve been completely offended by my neighbors slamming their windows shut and would’ve given them the stink eye from there on out.

  2. Buahahaha! I freaking love you! You are so hilarious! (For the record, I would be totally embarassed, too, but you were just too cute about it. I can just imagine your neighbors giving the stinkeye to an adorable pregnant woman. They need to calm down and understand the excitement of video blogging! For realsies!)

    Speaking of you being adorable, can I just say how gorgeous you’re looking? Seriously, I can only hope to look as lovely as you being 34 weeks along. Love the outfit, too.

    Due next month! Wooooo!

  3. Steph: Thankfully, those weren’t the neighbors that already hate me, hahaha.

    wishcake: Thanks, lol. I could have died once I realized how loud I was, but oh well! :) And there’s not a doubt in my mind you will be the most adorable pregnant lady EVER when the time comes! If your sisters is any indication, you’ll be tiny and gorgeous with some fabulous hair!

  4. Whatever – you weren’t even loud, haha. I would have ran away as well :-/ You look so cute with that belleh! Hopefully she won’t look like Angela…HAHA. So jk.

  5. hahaha You’re so funny! I’m probably all talk, but I would have turned the camera on them and talked to them while recording them. Yeah I probably wouldn’t really do that, but it would be funny. You are adorable and I can’t believe you are already going to be having your baby girl next month. How exciting!

  6. You are sooooooooo adorable! I love that you did this video! Great idea! And I’m very impressed that you were up at 7:30 a.m. looking so dang cute! Seriously, you inspired me to straighten my hair yesterday! hee! Your hair always looks so good! Dude — you were QUIET i dunno why your neighbors had to be all crazy-pants! CRAZIES! sooo exciting that maddie is almost here! yay!

  7. You are SO cute woman!! HOW EXCITING that you’re due next month, Aaaaa!!! i have that gold shirt thing btw, Target rocks. It kills me that you’re wearing yours and your 8 months pregnant tho. way to kill my ego morgan! :p LOL!!
    video blogs are so fun!!!

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