15 thoughts on “And the Winner is…

  1. Yay Cait!! I’m still quite amazed out of all those entries my sister won. I think it’s pretty funny that you drew completely not expecting it to be anyone you would know considering the amount of mooches I mean people who entered. lol.


  2. I heard that all of the little papers all said Caitlyn on them … hmmmm

    Kidding of course, props on actually putting the drawing up as a vid. I haven’t seen that before. Also congrats on having so many readers.

  3. Steph: I know! What are the chances?? I’m happy for her though!

    ThePaul: Are you trying to start something with those 500 people who commented?? :) I was fair, promise!

  4. How crazy!! I’m so glad Cait won… I was hoping it would be someone you actually KNEW (and by knew I don’t neccesarily mean in real life, I mean in blog-land too), I think it’s more fun to give goodies away that way. :) I was shocked by how many comments you got. Not because I find it amazing that that many people would read your lovely blog, but because, well, it was just a LOT. :)

  5. Wahhh!!! Why wasn’t it me? WHY?! ha. I mean, just kidding. I meant to type — CONGRATS Caitlyn!!!! That is so crazy that it was Steph’s sister! How neat! Yeah, I think it’s really cool it’s someone you knew too. Then again … Morgan won Steph’s contest — and now Steph’s sister wins Morgan’s contest. VERY suspicious! haha. I’m just kidding again! :)

    That’s really awesome you had close to 500 entries! Wowzers! Most popular girlie in the blogosphere!

    Thanks again for doing the contes,t Morgan. Seriously, so incredibly generous and thoughtful of you!!! Such a sweetie-pie!

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