Do any of you remember Glitter Hair Barbie?

Loving the earrings, Barb.

(For the record, putting Barbie’s special glitter hair gel in your own hair is not recommended. That stuff totally turned me into a glittery pink greaseball.  Oh, but at the time, I was lovin’ it.)

What about Polly Pocket?

I obsessively collected all the little Polly Pocket toys, but no one's judging me, right? Okay good.

Oh, and was I the only one who was absolutely obsessed with the rainbowy goodness that is Lisa Frank?  Somewhere up in my closet, I know I still have have about a hundred unused pencils with sparkly unicorns on them that were too precious to sharpen.  And stickers. Happy, Magical, Rainbow-Painting-Bear-binders full of stickers.

Justin and I spent a good hour on Retro Junk last night, and watching all the old commercials for toys I used to covet had me cracking up.  Don’t even get me started on all the old TV shows I used to watch…  What exactly was it about The Littles that had me so fascinated?  Or The Snorks?

Let's be real. I know I only watched this because there was a pink girl in it.

What was your favorite childhood toy?  I know mine was my Sky Dancer…

…until the day she gloriously twirled through the air and landed in my eye.

27 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. omg, I totally forgot about Lisa Frank. Loved it! also Loved the Snorks and Polly Pockets!!!! haha, those were awesome.
    also loved My Little Ponies <3 and Strawberry Shortcake

  2. I love love LOVE this post!!! : ) Although I have A REALLY bad memory, here are some other things I LOVED:

    My Little Ponies
    Care Bears
    “Girly” legos (ya know, they were pastel colors)
    Pound Puppies

    Agh…wish I could think of more of the top of my head.

  3. OMG! This made me smile so big. I was in love with all things Lisa Frank. I do believe I had a binder, a pencil case, stickers and pencils that were just “too pretty” to use. What a funny post.

  4. Polly Pocket! Barbie! Lisa Frank!

    Gosh, those three things pretty much made up my childhood. Polly Pocket was awesome, by the way. I was just talking about it the other day.

  5. Have you seen the new Polly Pockets? They are HUGE!!!! Juliet loves them and collects them, but seriously they were so much better back in the day when they were a choking hazzard. ;)
    I loved all of this stuff. I had just oodles of Barbies and Lisa Frank stuff. Thanks for the flashback.

  6. AH! that was my childhood summed up in like, five pictures! SNORKS! i still have a tiny little pink snork on my shelf. :o) and remember when polly pockets used to like, fit in your pocket? and! my sister and i used to get into fights with sky dancers, we’d shoot them at each other. this was the best post ever. now? belly pictures please?!

  7. OK my best friend and I used to always write eachother letters on Lisa Frank stationary from the time when I moved in 2nd grade until about junior high or so.

    I had like all those toys too. So funny.

  8. I had every single one of those! The EXACT barbie, lisa frank folder and Skydancer, and I TOTally agree with you about only watching snork because of the pink girl.

    I also liked My little Ponie, Carebears and Rainbow Bright.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. :c)

  9. Wow- this is going to make a lot of people smile, this post! I looooved Lisa Frank and totally had an unused eraser collection too (sanrio mixed in there)! PS- I linked you from my blog today, I hope that’s ok

  10. Oh you guys are awesome. I totally didn’t include My Little Pony, but I was in love with those too! And let’s not forget about Strawberry Shortcake. :)

    Megan: That’s ALWAYS okay. :) Thank you!

  11. Cabbage Patch Kids were/(are) my fav!! I say (are) because I would so still play with them if I could! ;-) I do, however, still own all of my Kids…I think I want to be buried with them! HA! Barbie was never a huge interest of mine. I mean, I owned several, but always prefered Cabbage Patch. Oh, and I also still have WAY too much Lisa Frank. My mom actually was just sorting it not too long ago and so I had to come to terms with getting rid of most of it. It was either that or take it all home with me which I’m guessing my husband would not have been happy about! LOL!!

    As for TV shows, two words, FULL HOUSE! :)

  12. Haha, this is great!

    I always had a Lisa Frank trapper keeper for school. How about My Little Pony too?

    Those were the pink, sparkly days!

  13. ah, you eye..lol! Loved this post..I just did a post about an old t.v. show on disney channel I was in love with! My fav. toys were my little ponies!

  14. Oh my goodness, this totally brought me back! I actually had (have, actually – somewhere in my garage) that very Barbie. I remembered her clothes first, earrings second and the glitter last. :P

    And skydancer! I *totally* forgot about those. Oh wow. Talk about a trip down memory lane.

  15. Wow! I think I had that EXACT barbie! I remember the earrings.! Every item of stationary and pens I owned was Lisa Frank in Elementary and I still have my polly pocket collection (about 15). My younger sister had a sky dancer and I remember they hurt like no other when they hit your face. My absolute favorite toy had to be a skip-it though. The plastic counter you wear on your ankle and skip like a jump rope.

  16. OK, I still had my Barbies on display in my room like when I was 13. yep, I’m a big nerdface. hahah. Love the Barbies! I never had the glittler Barbie though — she sounds SO cool! heee. I wonder if my Barbies are still at my parents’ house … I wanna see them!

    OH MY GOSH — guess what is SO not cool? they’ve TOTALLY changed polly pocket! She’s not the same … she’s way bigger and everything is just different. Makes me sad! I liked the old school version!

    And yes, you gotta love those Lisa Frank folders! so cute!

  17. I loved my barbie townhouse, barbie ice cream machine, barbie 57 chevy, magic nursery baby, and my easy bake oven. i’m sure i’m leaving something off…..

    strawberry shortcake was my favorite cartoon! right below her was dennis the menace, smurfs, and inspector gadget. can’t forget about zoobalee zoo and square 1!

  18. Oh the memories! I loved Lisa Frank, Barbies with lots of glitter, and the more Polly Pockets the better. Stickers, stickers, stickers!!! I still get Barbies for Christmas. It might sound weird, but you know the collector’s Christmas edition Barbies? Yeah before my Grandma died she would give me Barbies, so now that she is gone my parents get me one every year. I don’t have the heart to say I don’t want them and maybe I really do want them, I’m just in denial.

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