Things I’m Loving – 11.05.08

  • The election is over.  We can all be friends, hold hands and skip through fields of daisies once again.
  • Gingersnap Lattes from Starbucks.  Heavenly.  TRUST ME ON THIS. Why they don’t just call it the Gingerbread Latte like every other winter is beyond me, but they pretty much taste the same.
  • Getting the okay from my doctor to spend this Saturday shopping at Union Square in San Francisco.  Two fingers in my hoo-ha at yesterday’s appointment showed I’m not the least bit dilated, so all that walking can’t hurt, right?
  • Blonde bobs.  I knowwww, I’ve been there, done that… but Lordy, they’re sassy and adorable and I just might be wanting one again.
For the record, I really, really don't like Hayden Panettiere and searched for an unflattering picture of her with this hairstyle for a good 30 minutes... only to find that IT DOESN'T EXIST. I think I dislike her even more now.
  • Christmas decorating.  I’m not going to lie, I’m taking a day off next week to put the finishing touches on the nursery, clean house, and put up my Christmas tree.  A little early?  Probably. Any shame over here? Nope.
  • Personalized baby goodies from Shea.
I may or may not have used them to wipe my own drool. So cute.
  • A bouquet of roses and a sweet note from Justin.  There’s just nothing better.

Wow, I actually didn’t put anything edible on this list.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know that is so unlike me.  Wait, do lattes count?  Nah.

What would you put on your love list right now?

17 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving – 11.05.08

  1. Oh those baby goodies are so cute and I really do like that bob. Yay for the election being over. I’m pretty happy about that myself. How exciting is it that you are almost a mommy with a baby in your arms??

  2. Hha, I love that you’re putting up your Christmas decorations already! I don’t blame you though. Once Miss Maddie comes you never know how overwhelmed you’ll feel once December hits and who would want to miss out on holiday decor!?

    P.S. Pink and brown has to be THE cutest color combination for baby girls.

  3. Yay a bloggy! Little Maddie is going to be adorable and have THE CUTEST stuff!!!! I hope I can see her! I’m going to have to try a gingersnap latte next time I go there :)

    Can we go dance through the meadows now? Sound of Music style???

  4. Starbucks peppermint mocha.

    Asiago cheese bagel with veggie cream cheese.

    Cream cheese and olives.

    Trader Joe’s green juice.

    Um, I’d overcompensate your lack of food, okay? :)

  5. I love that you love them too!

    For me loving right now…

    cold weather
    it’s almost time for a fire in our fireplace
    Hot coffe drinks
    It’s almost baby time for you
    The holidays
    If I had a fake tree it would sooo be up!
    the new season the Lord has me in
    the roses on my counter from my hubby they made me sooo happy
    that I lost 10 lbs…it’s a start

  6. so, i totally rocked out to christmas music yesterday and i LOVE the fact that you’re going to put your tree up… it’s definitely not too early!

    i’m digging the blonde bob too, but i just dyed it dark, i’m scared it will fry my hair!!

  7. Allison: SUPER EXCITING. I’m so ready to pop this baby out!

    Alyssa: The hills are alive, my friend. The hills are alive. lol

    Ashley: Oh man, I saw that y0u had that bagel this morning on twitter… drooling.

    Rachel: Seriously! Once you go dark, it’s scary to go back! Slowly, but surely, I think I’m going for it!

  8. LOVE the blonde bob… and LOVED it on you when I looked back at those pictures. You’re one of the rare people that looks good with BOTH blond and brown hair. Lucky you.

    My list: cool, crisp fall weather… jack in the box tacos… elastic waist bands… and Old Navy Maternity. :-)

  9. So now that I’m going to be singing The Sound of Music in my head for the rest of the day, you must let me skip along with you ladies! :)

    I’m lovin’ your list…MUST try me some Gingersnap-bread Latte ASAP. My current obsession is Peppermint White Mocha…YUM! And could I be more excited that the red cups are back…I think not!

    And ummm are those NOT the cutest burp cloths on the face of the planet?!?!?! I am so in the process of ordering some for my preggo friend! Thanks for sharing!

    Also on my list…along w/ the fabulous weather we’ve been having is that I get to wear boots and sweaters. Comfy and warm!

    P.S. It’s NEVER too early to decorate for Christmas!

  10. First, I have been wanting to cut my hair for the past 3 months, and am too lazy to go do it, but myabe just maybe, your blonde bob pic has given me a little motivation to finally get it done. Not that I would go to that extreme and go blonde or do a bob, but a change would be nice.

    Second, I love Christmas, can’t wait to get out our decorations, and our cute little fake tree.

    Third, my gram and my mom went in together and bought us a crib, so now I really don’t have an excuse to not get things going in Levi’s room. But I guess I could say that we still need a mattress.

    And finally the fourth comment I would like to make, you say gingersnap lattes from Sbux, I say yuckiness from the devil’s workshop. But, I have heard that Chick-fil-a has got a new pepperming chocolate milkshake, and I am dying to give it a try.

  11. Your baby goodies are adorable.
    Right now I love America and being an American.
    My family and friends.
    My Dell Hybrid
    Popcorn from my Hello Kitty popper
    DH’s work ban on overtime is coming to an end.

  12. Hi Morgan! I’ve never commented on your blog before but I read it quite often! It’s so cute, I love it! I’m talia’s sister by the way if you’re wondering if I’m some crazy stalker person.
    I just have to say you are such a cute pregnant person!

  13. those baby cloths are SO cute. Wow, I bet you can’t wait to use those.

    Oh, and in case you didn’t know– you won over at my blog!! Go check it out. :)

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