37 Weeks

Blurry belly.

So, scratch the big San Francisco shopping plans I had for tomorrow.  After a very cocky attempt at taking a long walk the other night, I discovered that I am, in fact, a 5 ton BEAST and would likely pass out, give birth, and/or die if I tried to shop for 6 hours straight.   So guess who gets to stay home in lovely Fresno and catch up on laundry this weekend?  Moi!

In baby news, there isn’t much to report, other than CONTRACTIONNNNNNS.  Sadly, I doubt they’re anything to get super excited over… just my trusty old uterus doin’ it’s thang to gear up for the big event.  But still, progress!  So, whoop whoop.

Oh, AND!  20 days left until my due date!  Less than three weeks! AHH!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

23 thoughts on “37 Weeks

  1. Alyssa: OMG, seriously. It’s even bigger in person!!!

    Colleen: Thank you! I already have that post partially written, in case I don’t have time, haha. Nerd!

  2. I’m disappointed you can go on the trip too, but you just take advantage of what could be your last Saturday without a baby and REST!! You’re adorable, btw. :)

  3. AWWW-your Mom is cute!

    You ARE adorable! You wouldn’t even know you were preggers except for that belly…you look great! And WOWZERS you could have a baby like any second! So glad you already have the post prepped…you’re so considerate to your bloggy buddies!

  4. Sorry about the shopping.

    You aren’t that big. You are bascially just a tummy. You’ll be back to normal in a week or two after giving birth.

  5. sensibly Sassy: ohh, you are the sweetest… but there are 40 extra pounds on this body and I’m feeling anything but skinny right now!!

  6. sigh, I wish I was looking more pregnant. It seriously looks I have just been over eating for the past few months. And I don’t know what you were thinking trying to walk around all day shopping. I could barely go shopping with Justin today, and we were only out for a few hours. My pelvic bones were feeling like I had done a 12 mile hike. I’m scared that my body is preparing for a baby with a gigantic head.

  7. I cannot believe you are that close, and still so teeny!
    But maybe that’s compared to me – people kept asking if I was having twins. Um, NO! It was the same with Pumpkinpie, but it turned out she just had LOTS of water in there for some reason.

  8. I’m sorry you won’t be able to make it SF but you’ll have more than enough time to take your cute baby :) It’s important for little ones to get used to shopping. My mom made that mistake with me lol

    Hope you’re feeling well!

  9. Just think.. you could be at Starbucks getting your vanilla latte and petite scones and then SPLASH (was going to say BAM, but then, I think splash is more accurate) your water breaks and then WAH several hours later you have a baby. crrrAZY.

  10. you are just deliciously curvy! (and i of course mean that in the least lesbian way possible ;]) ha! but seriously, you look fantastic!! practice contractions! AAaaaa!! you are SOCLOSE morgan! i can’t wait to see her precious face. yay!!!!

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