Madeline’s Room

Well, the nursery is finally finished and waiting for this sweet, wiggly little girl to arrive.  It feels so good to have everything done!  Now it’s just a matter of waiting… she could be here any time!

That's the same rocking chair my Grammy rocked me in. Say it with me... Awww!
Wall decals are my new favorite thing. BIRDS!
Every drawer is filled with super pink, super girlie little things.
I have an old, white plastic hamper. She gets this cute thing. Not fair.
A personalized pillow from Auntie Shea, another bird decal (I told you I'm obsessed), and a pink cross-stitched elephant. :)
The changing table, baskets full of SHOES and tiiiiny diapers, and the monogrammed thingamabob I made a few months ago.

We (and my aching ribs) are ready!

38 thoughts on “Madeline’s Room

  1. Steph: Oh man, I have. You should see the living room… it’s completely different from a month ago when you were here!

  2. I think I just puked out some pink cuteness. (um that was gross, sorry. hahahaha)

    I loooooooooove it and those decals! we are so jealous! AGH!

  3. such an adorable room! It almost makes me want to have another baby… but then I look at the current state of my 8 year olds and remember they grow up! Very blessed little girl, I know you can’t wait to meet her.

  4. Lovely! I especially love the birds. So cute. I was planning a decal for The Bun’s room, but one giant one, and now I’m not sure how his furniture will be arranged, so I’m waiting until I’ve sorted that out. For now, he’s in a cosleeper in our room anyhow, so I have time. But your girl is getting one charming nest for herself! (and I have the rocker my mom rocked me in, too, and I love that.)

  5. Shea: I don’t know if it works, but I’ve been scarfing the pineapple! :)

    kittenpie: Thank you! Isn’t it great to have something so special? I love it! (And I just read your post about having A YEAR OF MATERNITY LEAVE and I think I need to move to Canada now!)

  6. Oh my goodness Morgan!!! I LOVE IT! I adore the bird decals! Birds are my favorite thing ever! They’re all over my house!
    I can’t wait to see her!

  7. Maddie’s room is really cute. I took the time this past weekend and helped Justin put together our crib and my mom surprised us with a mattress. She is so crazy, buying things constantly. But I still have to finish our changing table/dresser. I did see Bekah there at the doctor twice, and it’s weird but this is the only week left that I won’t have a doctor’s appointment. Next week I have 3, and then every week after that I have 2 until the baby gets here, because of the results of the AFP test I took. I do have to go to the doctor’s office tomorrow for our childbirth class, which uggh I hate! It’s so boring, and I hate sitting in those chairs, and I don’t like the smoking pregnant lady in our class. I’m wondering if I even want to go to the class anymore, and if it weren’t for the hospital tour and some kind of free goodie bag they’re promising us when we go, I think we would stop going for sure.

  8. okay, so you’ve convinced me it would be a good idea to have a baby, like… tomorrow. i’m not even kidding a little bit! the adorableness of that room and all of baby maddies tiny things? eeek! (sorry, babies get me a little excited.)

    it looks amazing girl. i’m so beyond excited for you. xo

  9. you have done such a sweet job with it!! The crib!!! Oh! The crib. I love it. She is a very lucky girl already to have a Mommy who will influence her with style and class.

  10. Oh my goodness!!! I had checked this on my phone last night and just new I needed to give this a closer look on my computer this morning. How adorable is that room!!!??? Its so dainty and girly. And I’m loving the decals. I must remember that for when we’re decorating a room.

  11. the room is ADORABLE!! sooo girly, I’m so giddy over it! and the birds are amazing! now wouldn’t it be funny if that baby came out and they said it’s a BOY lol. nah, I’m kidding :D you did a great job on the room!

  12. Love it! You’ve been working so hard on the nursery! It looks perfect! soooo adorable! Maddie is going to love it! And now I think I need some wall decals for my very own.

  13. OMG cutest little room ever. I love those little birdies and everything about how you decorated it. It’s perfect. You and Maddie are going to be the cutest together. I can’t wait.

  14. omg i LOVE the wall decals, BIRDS!!!!!! so flippin cute. her nursery is so adorable, worlds different from my boys, i’m so jealous! :D you did such a great job, its all so lovely!

  15. let’s see, how do I express my feelings on how incredibly adorable and cute this room is? Or my excitement and joy when I couldn’t help but think of your little one in this room in a matter of only weeks?? Or how I cried a little when I pictured you sitting in that chair rocking your baby?? (emotional hormones, what can I say)
    Hmmm, I don’t think I can. It’s perfect. Really, Morgan, you completely made it perfect in every way, and I cannot WAIT for your little girl to be here so she can be the final perfect part of all the girlie loveliness!!! The most lovely part of it all, in fact. :)

    and I will now be scouring places for wall decals, because those are TO DIE FOR.

  16. Thank you all so much for the sweet feedback! I keep walking by the room and just looking in there… I can’t believe I’ll have a baby living in there in a few weeks, ahhhh!

  17. Okay, so this post made me want to bawl my head off for the cuteness of it all. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it when you actually start posting photos of the little babushka! I’m going to seriously weep from happiness. Heehee.

    You’ve done such a great job decorating! And I adore all the wall decals. Love!

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