Decorating on a Budget

In decorating Madeline’s room, I tried my hardest to stick to a budget.  It was a daily struggle not to spend my paycheck on pretty, frilly, little things on Etsy and at Target, but I actually ended up doing pretty well.  I spray painted an old mirror my mom gave me, gladly accepted a hand-me-down rocking chair from my Gram, and was able to find some frugal ways to add little bits of color and cuteness around the room.

I found these irresistible Amy Butler die cuts at Michael’s (of course), popped them in some white picture frames I had up in my closet and voila!

It had to be the quickest and easiest project ever, and they ended up being quite adorable.  I still have a nearly-full box of these little goodies, and I can’t wait to find other uses for them!

I also had quite a few of you ask where I bought the bird decals… an Etsy shop called The Cat Place had them a few months ago and they were super affordable, but I don’t see them in the shop anymore.  Sadness!  If you are dying to get your hands on them, it can’t hurt to ask the owner.  They are SO worth it!

18 thoughts on “Decorating on a Budget

  1. Wow, those are just too adorable! Gosh, you’re just so crafty it makes me want to go out and just.. create something. :P

    Target is quickly becoming my kryptonite; I basically want to buy the whole store out, so I know how you feel. :(

  2. Oh my goodness how cute! I can’t wait to start decorating our little baby’s room… just as soon as we find out what we’re having. Humph…. 6 more weeks… 6 more weeks… 6 more weeks…………

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