What I “didn’t” do this weekend

…what?  Pshhh, no… I totally “didn’t” break down and finally buy Twilight on Saturday night while I was at Target.

As a matter of fact, I “wasn’t” carrying it around with me in the store with the cover facing inward, so as not to draw any attention to the fact that I was about to become one of those women.  You know, the ones who read it and get all crazy-obsessed with the very fictional and very teenage Edward Cullen (well, technically he’s a lot older, but you all know it’s “pure coincidence” that I know that little fact and not because I read the book or anything).

And I sure “didn’t” stay up late on a church night reading about vampires.  Who do you think I am?

On Sunday, when I had a few hours to myself, I “didn’t” run out to Barnes & Noble when I was getting close to finishing the first book because I knew I’d want to immediately pick up the next one.

And when I couldn’t find what I was searching for right away in the store, I honestly “didn’t” panic for just a minute.   Because you know, I’m absolutely “not” one of those women.

I also “wasn’t” scouting the area for an employee who would be sure not to judge me if I asked where that series was located in the store, only to spot the perfect, nearly 30-year-old guy who was “obviously not into World of Warcraft or at the very least, something similar”.  He also “wasn’t” extremely rude, and “didn’t” make me feel like I was too old to be reading stories about teenage vampire love when he said, Oh, you’re looking for thooooooooooseThey’re over in Teenage Fiction.

Right now, It’s “not” like I’m sitting at work, waiting for everyone in the office to leave for that meeting so I can sneak New Moon out of my purse and read just a couple pages, either.  I have some serious and important grown-up work to get done today, people.

Okay, so spill it.  Who else “hasn’t” read them?

41 thoughts on “What I “didn’t” do this weekend

  1. Hahahahahahah, I looveee. Nope haven’t read it (like for reals, I promise) but you may have added to my curiosity…darn people! Gosh I don’t even have the time!! Self: don’t even THINK about it!

  2. I’m not ashamed to admit I am LOVE with Twilight and I’m totally going to watch the movie this weekend even if I have to drive to Reno to watch it. Andrew doesn’t understand my obsession with vampires or this book, but for some crazy reason I am obsessed and I’m coping with it. I also have to admit that I’m going to be posting today about this exact subject. haha Great minds think alike, right? I may also have a slight crush on Edward Cullen, but that’s just a secret between you and I, wink wink. ;)

  3. I haven’t read them yet… I look at them all the time though. I always fight so hard not to go with a huge trend but I’ll probably give in sometime soon. I have mentioned to a few people that I wouldn’t mind getting them for Christmas. The movie trailer is also making me want to read them, I want to see the movie but I hate to watch movies based on books before I read them. are they really that good?

  4. I feel it is my duty to boycott these books, not just because I can. but because LOOK at how the author has butchered my name!

    For shame.

  5. I have severaly friends who are trying to get me to read it…they say it’s amazing! So keep me posted on your thoughts of it! I won’t tell anyone, I promise! =)

  6. I’m one of the ones who really, truly, hasn’t read it. I don’t even know anything about it except that it has to do with vampires? I was a little behind on the Harry Potter train too, so I might pick up on this “trend” in a few years. :o)

  7. I will admit that I have read them and love them…

    I read them over a weekend… and did you now that if you go to her website you can read “Midnight Sun” partially, which is Twilight from Edward’s pov.

    I know, you love me for that information. ;)

  8. i’m glad you were able to read it before the movie come out at the end of the week!
    i was totally “not” someone who read all 4 in two weeks :)
    enjoy the love affair it only gets better…
    ps. jacob or edward?

  9. I know exactly how you feel! I thought that I was so above reading some mushy vampire love story, but I finally gave in and read the series and loved it!! I was gushing to some coworkers about how excited I was for the movie to come out and they all stared at me blank-faced as if they didn’t know what I was talking about. I started to explain it to them and as soon as I said the word VAMPIRE, I know they thought I was a loon. I don’t care though! :)

  10. Ugh, I’m totally with you, I didn’t one to be one of THEM! And I’m not YET… :) I’m putting it on my Christmas list.. Terrible I know, but I figure maybe I won’t feel so bad if I’m not the ACTUAL one forking the money out for it.. Just maybe.. :)

  11. I’m totally going to read Twilight this week. I’ve gotten sick of all my tv shows anyway, and I refuse to see the movie until I’ve read the book. I’m one of “those” people. LOL. Of course that makes it so that I always end up disliking the movie because… “the book is sooooo much better”. Except in the instances of Anne of Green Gables and The Notebook… which are about equal to me. hehe.

  12. I haven’t read them, and I’m totally not waiting on the movie to come out. Nope, not me. And my husband is totally not one of those guys – those World of Warcraft guys.

    Sigh. Denial is a powerful thing.

  13. oh no! they sucked you in!!! i am one of the very few (from what i gather!) that hasn’t read these books or the harry potter series and dont plan to LOL i’m interested to read your opinions on the Twilight series tho, its interesting to hear everyones thots when they finally finish the series…will you love it? will you hate it? will you be dispointed? Oh the suspense!! ;D
    i do admit that the cover is great tho, i may or may not have had to fight off the urge to walk over & pick one up to read the back when i was at Target the other day. ha!!

  14. I read all 4 of them a few months ago in about 10 days. Loved them! Also made my hubby go and buy tickets in advance for the movie on Friday. ;)

  15. Its a sick and twisted thing…us grown ass women obsessed with this teen fiction. But I don’ feel so bad, because my mom is crazy obsessed too.

    I hope you are loving every second of it.

  16. Well I’m guessing your already know by my Halloween post that me and me friends are obsessed. So you don’t get any judgement from me. :P

  17. At first I thought they were way too young and uninteresting for me. I finally read one of my friends’ copy. I could not buy the next one fast enough! My 68 year old grandma was obsessed when they first came out and I thought she was nuts. Now we talk about it all the time like two boy crazy teenagers.

  18. I love the way you wrote this entry. Very clever :)

    I have yet to find a woman who has read Twilight and not LOVED it! It’s sitting on my desk right now, waiting for me to have enough time to read it. Soon I hope!

    Speaking of World of Warcraft… working at Best Buy I’ve seen the funniest things happn regarding that game. Everything from soccer moms paying for their copy with a World of Warcraft Visa card to the gawky 21-year-old boy trying to rip the code off the box and then being caught and forced to buy the game. So entertaining.

  19. Haha. Um. Last November I read all 3 books in 5 days. I have followed the production of the movie since it started filming at the beginning of this year. I go on message boards (sometimes). I went to the release party for Breaking Dawn. I own a 2009 Twilight calendar (my husband bought it!). I have pre-bought tickets to the movie for opening night. And I may or may not have bought a Twilight hoodie to wear to the movie.

    It’s a sickness.

  20. I totally has “not” read it either. I mean, I would be completely embarassed if I didn’t have the same exact situation not happen to me 3 days ago in a Barnes & Noble.

    And just for the record, I don’t have a picture of Edward Cullen on my nightstand and it doesn’t mean I’m immature.

  21. I honestly haven’t read the series. In fact I hadn’t even heard of the books until a few days ago when another blogger wrote about it.

    I either live on a cardboard box, or Australia just isn’t fussed with that book. But it does sound good, and I might just have to find myself a copy somewhere.

  22. ok I just love that we live in the same city and I can just picture you in that Barnes and Noble.

  23. Hahaha okay I will admit to reading them… but of course ONLY because I wanted to be sure they were appropriate for the little diva’s, never mind that I was at the bottom of the food chain in pecking order as to who got to read first. ;)

  24. another one bites the dust!!

    welcome to the club, my dear. it’s great to have you join us!

    my twilight obsession has reached RIDICULOUS heights. RIDICULOUS, i tell you.

  25. I for real haven’t read them – but I might have to! My sister (who is 40) just got into them – so you’re all good shopping in the teenage book section:)

  26. It’s all good!!! You are never too old to read Twilight! My sisters and I even got our mom to read them. They are addicting aren’t they? Way to go giving in and becoming one of “us”. :) Only 3 more days until the movie comes out!

  27. you are tooo funny…. and I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while (what can I say, I’m weak too). Reading this made me want to even MORE. Hmmm, I do have to make a trip to Target tonight…!

    ps. I’ve been thinking about you so much lately as you get so close to having Madeline!! Praying everything goes SO well for you. I know you’ll keep us posted as the day approaches. :)

  28. Mrs. Priss!
    I am a mom of two little kids (a 1 year old and a 2year old). After my friend loaned me the first three books in the series and I had heard so much about them I decided to give them a try. I read the first three books in a week and a half. I had to wait for the fourth one to come out, but read it in less than 48 hours. From what I have read about Stephanie Myers she actually wrote them for gals in the late twenties or early thirties. I see no shame in reading these supposed “Tween novels”. They are a great escape from the reality of life, plus a very easy read. I just couldn’t put them down. I stayed up way too late too many nights to count. :)

    Enjoy the last few weeks of being pregnant. It is great once the little ones come out, but it is also a lot more work than when they are inside. :)

  29. Just because of this post…I have now gone out and bought the book. I was refusing on the ground of “it being completely about vampires and childish and ridiculous”…except now I have read 3 chapters and I am dying to get home from work just to read more. Who needs to cook dinner or do laundry anyway?

  30. I read all 4 in 2 weeks, I am hooked, but you know how I am about Harry Potter, so are you suprised that I into this. Also, I read the partial book on her website, Midnight Sun. It’s Twilight from Edwards point of view. It’s great, I just hope she finishes it. (someone leaked it to the internet) I am now reading my Stephen King series, (The Gunslinger, Dark Tower) I have a friend at work hooked on that one now. Fortunately for me, my baby is 17, so I can read as much as I want. :)

  31. omg.
    i have to take back my comment!!!!
    I’ve been sucked in and it was all your fault! really it was!
    Twilight saga , i love you.

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