Ring around the Rosie

Just wanted to share a little happy magnet I made in about .3 seconds last night.

I was inspired by Betz White’s felt rosettes… they are just too cute for words!  You basically cut a spiral circle out of a piece of felt, roll it into a little rose and secure the end with glue.  Couldn’t be easier (or more addictive… I have about 20 of these things made).  Plop one on a magnet and you have this:


I don’t know if this qualifies for Alyssa’s Crafty Challenge this week, but if any of you have anything fun to show off, pop over to her blog and enter!

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10 thoughts on “Ring around the Rosie

  1. so I hope you have the baby on Friday just so that you can’t see that movie this weekend.

    and yes that’s the only reason why I want you to have her.. no other reason.

  2. I love your hand-writing! I want one of those roses to put in my hair!!!!! I’ll go check out that how-to :) :) Have that darn baby already! GEES!

  3. Okay, I love Twlight too. Although I haven’t read them as fast as I would like to. Mainly because of school… I just started New Moon. But I am excited to see the movie!! “Have baby already” haha!

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