Madeline Jo Gable

Born on November 30th, 2008 at 4:07pm

6 lbs 13 oz

20 1/2 inches long

Sweetest, best smelling baby in the world.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement throughout this pregnancy.  I’ll be posting more pictures and telling you alllll about it very soon!  Love you all.

57 thoughts on “Madeline Jo Gable

  1. yay baby maddie. can’t wait to smell her head for myself. But I’ll take your word for it that it’s marvelous :) She’s so so beautiful and precious

  2. She is definitely the most precious little girly I’ve ever seen! I am so glad you got through everything okay!!! I am dying to hear all the details…DYING I tell you.

  3. Yay! Morgan! She’s beautiful. Aww, but a perfect little baby.

    It’s been awesome watching you grow over these bunch of months, and it’s even awesome-r to finally see the outcome.

  4. She’s beautiful! I was soooo excited to get the text and then my mom gave me your website today. I went back through your belly photo’s to compare myself :-). Can’t wait to meet her! And to hear all about it (well, maybe I don’t want to :-D)

  5. it’s official, maddie jo is the most beautiful little girl EVER. she’s absolutely perfect. thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of your bloggy friends. congrats you two!! xoxox

  6. Congratulations! She is absolutely gorgeous, just as we all suspected. And not only that, but you’re DONE with labor! You did it- and I’m sure you were fantastic.

  7. My God, Morgan! She’s Beautiful. And that bow just kills me! I love her already and I love you!! Congrats! :)

  8. ahhh, she is so beautiful, so precious, so perfect!! Congratulations, sweet mama… and to her daddy too, of course. :) I am SO happy for you! Steph was sweet enough to send your twitters on to me, and it just made my day to hear your little one had arrived. A WONDERFUL blessing, and I just cannot wait to read all about your adventures in mommyhood and get to know Maddy a bit through this blog.
    hugs to you!!

    and I can’t wait to hear all the details. :)

  9. How was last night? I am counting down the minutes till I get to hold her! And by the way I just stare at her picture, she is sooo perty…I love her already!

  10. She is gorgeous just like her momma! Congratulations on your new baby girl. What a blessing. The perfect (early) Xmas gift if you ask me :)

  11. Okay…I JUST had the thought that I hadn’t been over here in so long that you probably HAD THE BABY …AND HERE SHE IS!!! Wow…congrats! I’m going back to read EVERYTHING now :) YAY!!

  12. i want to come nuzzle and breath in DEEPLY that peach fuzzy delicious baby head! LOL only a mother would understand that statement i’m sure but oh my! she is precious!
    I hope she’s treating you well Morgan! Heres to a SPEEDY healing and getting into the swing of things :)
    yay for babies!!!!!

  13. Congrats! I followed on Twitter and that was so fun! It’s so funny you say she’s the sweetest smelling baby in the whole world. I thought that about both of mine from the first minute and it only gets better. I LOVE my daughter’s breath right after she’s taken a nap. I know that sounds weird, but it’s so funky sweet! And I swear I could just breathe around my daughter and son’s necks forever and just be in HEAVEN!!! I could pick my children out anywhere! Ok I’ve rambled on enough. Enjoy the wild ride of parenthood. Nothing else will make you younger, older, more patient, more impatient, more wise, more stupid, more grateful and more loving in the wide world. There is simply NOTHING like it.

  14. She is so amazingly precious! She is beautiful and I can’t wait to read updates about her and hopefully meet her and of course you. We all love you too!!! Yay for baby Maddie and her lovely mommy.

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