Where this is all going…

With all the craziness that comes with a newborn, it’s been quite a challenge keeping up with the normal household things. The nesting phase that struck me before Madeline arrived was insane — cooking, cleaning, organizing EVERYTHING in the apartment… I was a machine.  Now? Not so much.

I’m starting to learn how women do it all and still have time for their baby, their husband, and themselves. It’s all possible with good time management.  I mean, when you have to sit down every few hours just to breastfeed, not to mention burp, change a diaper, change an outfit (spit up bites the big one), and hello?? cuddle that sweet baby, it’s easy to lose track of time and see that it’s 2:00 in the afternoon and you still haven’t eaten breakfast.

Sooo, all that to say this — I’m taking you all on my little new-mom-experimental-time-management-journey. This blog was originally intended to be an outlet for my girlieness (is that a word?), so from now on I’ll be trying to keep you all updated on how I’m working those 4″ heels into my new, baby-filled life. I’m determined to be a loving, doting, organized, clean, cooking, stylish (and skinny) mom… it can be done!

17 thoughts on “Where this is all going…

  1. I still have problems with time management 3 kids later! I try but it’s hard to get everything done. I miss the nesting stage, I loved having my place so clean

  2. You can do it…it’s not easy and there is always something that you wish you could have done…but enjoy the moments you have. You MUST realize you can’t do everything everyday. Find out what is most important and the rest just comes. It takes time to get the hang of it all…and I know you will.

  3. Ever hear of Flylady? I started using her method when my son was about 5 mos. Heaven! Her website seems a little extreme but it works! Best part is you can pick and choose the things you want to use and do…and it’s all FREE! Flylady.net Congratulations on your sweet baby!

  4. I have no doubt that you will certainly be the one to do it all. And be absolutely adorable while doing it. I am excited to follow your story, my dear, and I know everyone else is, too!

    You and your teensie little baby make me incredibly happy. You make me excited for when I get to be a mom someday!

  5. I actually want to second the Flylady.net recommendation. Just using a FEW of the tips from there really impacted the cleanliness of my home and my habits in such a positive way. Things are mostly clean now, with just a little tidying and one deeper cleaning thing done daily- you’re always ready for company and never have to spend a whole Saturday cleaning anymore. I’m still working on the skinny part… but just remember, breastfeeding burns 500 extra calories a day, so enjoy that while you can :-)

  6. I can’t wait to hear how you balance being a mom and being yourself :) I’m sure you will find the perfect lifestyle that fits who you are and how you want your family and home to be.

  7. I have absolutely no doubt that you can accomplish that! I miss you so much and cant wait until next week!!

  8. You are awesome.

    And I’m chiming in with everyone else to say: Can’t wait to see how this goes for you!

    Who knows – in a few years, I might be visiting your archives to see just HOW you did it all. :)

  9. It can definitely work out. BUT it takes some time. Around week 12 is when it started to click for me and I had time (in small increments) for myself. But that is also due to me having the incredible-non-sleeping-don’t-need-to-sleep baby. :)

  10. let me know when you get it figured out because I seriously miss my heels. I’ve actually gotten better about cleaning since having son#1 but I’m betting I’ll loose motivation after #2 arrives, lol.

  11. I am so excited to read about your journey as a mom, and to see how you handle everything. I know it can be quite tricky, a real balancing act– something I still feel like I’m learning to this day!– but I have no doubt that you will do such a wonderful job and do it fabulously. You’re already a great mama!

  12. My feeling is the first few months, you have to just roll with whatever works, no matter how shabby you might feel and how it makes you nuts. Once you’re in a bit of a rhythm, you can worry about adding back in those other things. At this point, I’m making it some days, not others, in terms of getting extra stuff done. I have faith.

  13. I know you are going to be one of those amazing women to do it all — and to look fabulous at the same time! Go Morgan!!! Can’t wait to hear more about your new life!

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