Worst Blogger Ever

It’s official. I fail.

It’s been a whole month since Madeline arrived and changed just about everything in our comfortable little lives… and it’s pretty obvious how my blogging time has taken a hit, along with everything else. Holy crap, I never would have imagined how time consuming these little buggers are! But that’s not what this post is about… because I’m refusing to solely be a mommy blogger. REFUSE, I tell you.

I actually wanted to talk a little about me and what I’ve been up to during the past 4 weeks. Liiiike, not cooking, for example.  Or cleaning. Well, I did vacuum on Christmas Eve before my family came over, but only the front room where I knew they’d be hanging out, and only because there was visible debris on the carpet and it was kind of embarrassing and ridiculous… not like it actually needed vacuuming or anything silly like that.

The whole losing the baby weight thing is actually going pretty well, surprisingly. I’m going to be honest here — I ate like a freaking cow during the pregnancy (meaning, ice cream… every night) and managed to gain about 50 pounds. Insane, right? Well, with the breastfeeding and new diet of red licorice and peanut butter — not together, like it matters — I’ve somehow managed to lose 30 pounds in a month. Not too bad. I’m far from my size 6 pants and my stomach does have that oh-so-enviable extra inch of flab, but I’m dealing with my new body pretty well.

Okay, I totally just lied. I haaaaaaaate it and am having major fatty issues and absolutely cannot wait to be able to wear something that doesn’t give me muffin top. aslkdjalsdkfjalksdjfl;askdjf. Shopping today did make it a little better though. Cute new clothes will do wonders for your mental health. This is why I aim to shop for a new outfit 4 to 5 days a week from now on. Because sanity is important to me.

Anyway. Here’s a video that might make you gag. Enjoy! (Me + no makeup OR bra on the internet… I can’t believe I’m posting this…)

Edit (12/5/09): I AM SO HIDEOUS. The end.

22 thoughts on “Worst Blogger Ever

  1. The spit up in HD is extra delicious :)

    And you definitely deserve some Morgan shopping, after the millions of new things Maddie has, mommy deserves some non-maternity clothes too :) and SHOES!

  2. Mmm spit…I loved how Justin is like “ewwwwwwwww”…haha. I bet that felt WONDERFUL running down your back ;)

    Wooohoo shopping! That sucks so bad you have to go to work in TWO WEEKS. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Oh..life…

    Blog soon :)

  3. Hahhaa, I actually thought that video was so cute minus the whole spit-up thing. You and your hubby are adorable and you guys seem like amazing parents!

  4. OK, so I’m new to this whole spitup business and it is sick. Jillian had basically never really spitup or hardly even burped until a couple weeks ago. And now it’s happening ALL the time all over me which sucks because I have way less clothing change options than she does.

    Oh and you gotta love the tummy flab. It is so amazing and glorious.

    I’m wearing way smaller sizes than pre-preggo so you’d think I’d be happy with my new bod, but not so much.

  5. i hear you on the new clothes helps the mentality. :) i was surprised at how much time they take up too, but they get a bit more manageable once they hit the 12 week mark. good luck!

  6. She is absolutely precious (besides the spit up of course). I agree with Steph that you deserve to shop for yourself. You’ve been through a lot in the past 10 months. I know you want to lose more, but CONGRATULATIONS for losing 30 pounds already!

  7. I am so glad you are back!!!
    Hope to hear more from you in the new year-but I mean you do have kinda important things to do, say like raising a daughter and what not. Ha! Happy new year

  8. Oh wow how funny!!! lol. She is seriously cute…. and you look GREAT. I agree with you….. shopping does wonders!!!! I’m excited to buy some new clothes too!!!

  9. It’ll get better. Promise. The first three months are BRUTAL, and you just have to get through them, but once you do, you’ll find you’re getting into a groove again. I gained 50 lbs. with my first, and lost it all without serious effort, just walking every day for at least 1/2 and hour and feeding Pumpkinpie. This time, I only gained 35, and have 8 left to go, but the stomach takes time to go down after being all stretched out of shape. Give it time – remember, it took you nine months to get so big, it won’t snap back in a week! You’ll get there. You’ll even start to blog more again, slowly. Give yourself the time.

  10. nice B00Bs!!! hands down best part of breastfeeding! LOL
    eww, watching that i could FEEL the warm spit up going down MY back! it tickles huh?? LOL she is adorably tiny. i want to hold her!!

  11. spit up and all, she’s absolutely precious. and you? you’re still as gorgeous as ever, so don’t freak out too much. go shopping, buy something super hot and a killer pair of heels… you’ll be back to your old self in no time! xoxo

  12. haha love the video! I’m no baby expert, not having one of my own, but aren’t they supposed to spit up all the time?
    Spit up and crying aside, she is beautiful!

  13. Happy New Year! We missed you Morgan! Oh man, that video was so funny! I love how you were both like “ewwww!!!” hahaha. But Maddie is a doll, so you gotta forgive her! :) You look great — congrats on losing 30 lbs already! And yes – you totally deserve to go shopping! Yay shopping!

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