Back at Work: Day 1

I’m surprisingly keeping my stuff together over here. I haven’t cried once, which supposedly happens when new moms go back. Does that mean I have no soul? Because I’m sure I could muster up a nice batch of tears if I really wanted to… all it would take is one peek down my shirt. Pass.

Did I really just say that I miss my old girls more than my daughter? Who am I?

It’s so not true, by the way. I’ve spent about 3 of the last 4 hours watching this video because I miss her so freaking much:

Anyone catch the title’s reference? I’ll give you a cookie if you can name the movie. :)

20 thoughts on “Back at Work: Day 1

  1. (Booo to no sound at work…which is seriously depressing, I can hear crickets around here…)

    Um, I don’t care how rude this is but I am inviting myself to stop by your place the next time we drive up to Shaver. Just kidding, I do care that that was rude; however, would it be more rude of myself not to stop and play with her, I mean…say hello? :D Hmmm. Okay done with the rude-y-patootie comment!

    Love her!

  2. omg. she is the most beautiful baby EVER. i’m so glad you’re making it through your first day back!! i wish i was closer, i’d so pull an alyssa and invite myself over. :)

  3. Apparently I fail as a girl… I’ve never seen Uptown Girls! I’m thinking of another song…

  4. She seriously gets cuter every time you show a picture or video. How is that possible??

    It sounds like she’s saying “hi!”

    Hope things get easier for you at work, although I’m sure it’s never easy to leave that cute little girl at home!

  5. I think I have posted a few other comments, but in honor of delurking day here it goes. I totally understand how you are feeling about the gals. Mine have never been the same since I had my first. Well nothing about me is the same to be honest. Now that I am pregnant with my third I am sure I will never have my pre-pregnancy body again, but they are worth or at least on most days. :) I don’t want to discourage you though. I think being in your early twenties you will bounce back a lot quicker and who knows maybe the gals will up a little more once you stop nursing. :) Your daughter is adorable. Hang in there!

  6. Ahhh…she is SOOOO cute!! So sad you already have to go back to work…doesn’t feel like it’s been long enough at all!! Hope your 1st day back wasn’t too dreadful!

  7. This is the most adorable thing I’ve seen all day.

    Yay. :)

    Good luck with the work thing. I can’t imagine how difficult that would be!

  8. i love her cute lil BALD head!!!! i wanna rub it! and sniff it!! does she still smell like newborn baby goodness? that smell runs out too fast, i just wanna bottle it up!!
    I for realsies want to come snuggle up to her. fer serious.
    you were so brave at your first day back!!

  9. ummm its cheating if i say it cause i already failed the game.. but i miss you so much… and i cant wait till we hang out again! um yeah i have decided going back to work will be good for your blog.. hahahaha..

  10. Very cute video, she’s darling and I love her smiles. I have no clue on the title. Also, good luck with your transition back to work. Who is watching Maddie when you’re working? Are you able to see her at lunch to nurse her? Alicia has had good luck with pumping and Bella will easily take a bottle when Alicia is at work, so she’s been able to breast feed her without any problems. Now Alicia is loving her bigger chest, since her normal size is an A and she’s settled into a C since her milk has become established.

  11. I ofund by the time Pumpkinpie was 10 months, I was feeling like I missed work and wanted to go back , so when I went back, I was happy. I think it’s tough when they are so little, and you are still recovering in many ways, but it sounds like you are doing really well!

  12. Please tell me you’re quoting from the movie “Just Friends” with that title for the video. At least, that’s the first thing I thought of. Because I’m a nerd and that movie makes my die whenever I see it. And if you aren’t quoting from that movie, then…um, watch it? And then you’ll probably want to quote it.

    Aaaand I swear this is the cutest video I’ve ever seen. I want to cry and laugh and get pregnant all at the same time. How dare you!

    PS: More videos, please. K, thanks.

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