A Visit with Auntie Steph

A few weeks ago, Steph and Cale came to visit. She was so sweet to bring her camera and take some freaking adorable pictures for us!


I'm Super Cheese, but I still like it. :)
Auntie :) I have no idea what Madeline's doing.
Anyone want some Waffle Crisp? Lord, I need to clean my kitchen.

See? It's bigger than her head!!

Cale and Justin were obviously very into our photoshoot.
Steph, Me, and my blender

Thank you, Mrs. Corwin. :)

20 thoughts on “A Visit with Auntie Steph

  1. * That almost makes me want a little baby of my very own.
    * Does she sleep ALL the time? Heh.
    * Love that picture of the boys.
    * Okay, I want a baby. Stop it!

  2. LOL. Put Chris in Justin’s chair and it’s deja vu of when Steph & Cale come over to our house. So funny. (and Chris would be very jealous of Justin’s monitor.

    I am guessing Madeline doesn’t like the Waffle Crisp ;) Those pictures are adorable, good job Stephy!!!! What a cute mommy and baby bear!

  3. Those photos were adorable! She is super cute!

    Maybe its a guy thing…. My partners setup looks the same! (he is addicted to computer/xbox)

  4. I love the ones of her crying.. she was like “oh yes I will be sweet and sleep the entire visit..” but then she didn’t quite make it all the way through :)

    No bug-eye pictures?? hehe :)

  5. these are SO sweet!! I’m so glad Steph finally got to meet her… and it looks like a lovely visit indeed. :) Great pictures, Steph, and adorable baby, Morgan!!

  6. I love that photo of her where she literally looks like a stuffed animal! Hahaha! I freaking love it.

    I love your captions; I’m seriously laughing here at my desk at work like a crazy person. But it’s worth it. Waffle crisp! I used to love that stuff, even though it’s, like, 110% artificial colors and flavors. Heehee.

    PS: You’re looking gorgeous! Seriously! You’re one of those adorably trendy mothers that make motherhood look hot! That’s right, “You’re so hot right now.” I had to say it.

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