Sweet Jerusha inspired me to take a little break from all the negativity (because you all know how much I love to complain!) and remember the things that are great about my life. There really is so much to be grateful for… but it’s just so much easier (dare I say, fun?) to focus on the bad for some reason.

  • My best friend, love of my life, and overall hottie, Justin
  • Sweet Madeline and her chubby, smooshy,  kissable cheeks
  • Finding awesome shoes on sale at Target and obsessing over how amazing your freshly pedicured feet look in them (only one toe shows, but still… amazing).
$9.74 on clearance, w00t.
$9.24 on clearance, w00t.
  • Trying on size 12 pants that fit you on Christmas to find that they’re delightfully baggy.
  • Fitting into size 10 pants that are now slightly loose too.
  • Having all your favorite shows come back (Hello, Jack Bauer?! My life has been incomplete without you.)
  • Having cute new sweaters that aren’t Maternity to wear to work, eeee!

And one thing I’m not so happy about… because a post wouldn’t be a post without one:

Giganto, Mount Everest pimples that appear on your forehead without warning and screw up your whole day because you now frighteningly resemble a unicorn.

21 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. What a sweet post! And I’m so glad I inspired you.. :)
    I am in LOVE with those shoes! too gorgeous!

    Isn’t that tea the best? I had it hot, since it was a chilly, windy day.
    Well you’re very welcome! And thank you for being so sweet! :)

  2. CUTE shoes! Is that the top (on the right) that you were wearing in your Steph pictures?

    Now i am singing “Sweeeet Made-line…do-do-do…”

  3. I SO almost bought those shoes at Target!!! They didn’t have them in my size though… although I was very tempted to just get the 7 1/2 and be in excruciating pain to have them. LOL.

  4. OMG, i BUSTED up laughing so hard when i got to the unicorn part, i can sadly relate OH so well LOL! Im pretty sure my skin thinks i’m part unicorn it happens so often. ughhh, hate it!

    but on another note, i LOVE those shoes! I saw them along with a few others by the same designer and OF COURSE none of them fit me. phooey. i bet they look awesome on you tho! This makes me want to do a happy post. i’m so happy you’re doing super :D xoxo!

  5. Oh, I’d love to have new non-maternity wear… But I’m holding out for more weight loss, since I dont’ have to go to work for a while yet. I figure since I dont’ have to look decent, i can schlump around for a while and then spend on stuff I can wear when I hit whatever size I end up at. I love the spotted one, though!

  6. Adorable shoes!! Don’t you just love a good bargain?

    Cute sweaters! And good for you for dropping down some pants sizes. I’d imagine that alone feels amazing!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your little one is just precious. And yes, it is a GREAT day when you pants are too big.


  8. LOVE IT! they would go perfect with my $2 skirt! :) and seriously? what is with the breakouts this year? my face clearly hates me.

  9. all these little things are wonderful! (I’m with you on the monstrous zit thing though… soooo not fun) How exciting that you are getting smaller and smaller… I knew you’d be able to shrink quickly! :)
    Girl, I am dying over those shoes, they are stunning! And such a good deal! You must show us what you wear them with sometime.

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