I have been completely unproductive all day. You know why?

… because I have this sitting three feet away from my face. 5:00 needs to happen so I can be home with my babies.

Do you see the adorableness that is my picture frame? It was a Christmas gift from my brother. He took me to Target and told me to pick out something I want as a gift… I didn’t “look” when we were at the checkout, and I pretended to be surprised on Christmas morning.  Works for me. Anyway, now I am pretty much obsessed with the entire Umbra collection.

A good part of my day has been spent browsing through all the cuteness on target.com…

Call me crazy, but I love it.
Call me crazy. Call me a geek. I love hot pink chessmen.
This piggy bank is kind of... strange. But I love it too.
This piggy bank is kind of... strange. But so am I. And I love it too.
and this photo tray? it completes my life.
and this photo tray? it completes my life.

And there are so many other adorable things… and a ton of them are on clearance. Go, go, go!

12 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. I KNOW! I love all of that stuff too, and every time I go to Target (uh like all. the. time.) I just HAVE to venture down that darn aisle…pretending I can buy it all and actually need it all. Chris was all, “uh, why do you need a tray?” “Because you put…drinks…on it…and…it’s cute!!!” What, we have coasters??? Noooo…. :)

  2. You will be home soon…to kiss on that baby! See you tomorrow and I am soooo excited my birthday is coming up. Oh yes to shop!

  3. it’s right about 5p your time now, hurry home to your babies! LOVE that picture, priceless. :)

    we don’t have a target around here, closest one is an hour away!

  4. Yeah, Umbra is genius. And Casey, you don’t need Target for Umbra – we don’t have Target in Canada, but Umbra is sold at lots of places, so look around in your city!

  5. Okay that frame is just adorable. A lot of those things would look so cute in a cubicle at work.. not mine though, of course.. definitely not planning on going to Target now to browse in person.. nope definitely not.

  6. I am in love with any and everything Target sells. The wittle bitty piggy bank makes my heart melt.

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