Headbands and things

After analyzing this video to death, I’ve realized:

  • I should never, ever chew gum again.
  • Must work on not acting like a total snob because I just realized I act like a total snob. Gag.
  • I do like the Bump It, even if I do somewhat resemble a pageant contestant. Va-va voom.
  • Maddie is too adorable.

So, yes. Bump It. If you watch the video on their site, you’ll agree it’s probably the cheesiest thing you’ve ever seen… but are you not somewhat intrigued?

It’s basically just a plastic insert that you put in your hair to give it some volume. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was okay with my head being so freakishly tall, but I toned it down a bit and it ended up being alright I think. Feedback is welcome. :)

And that headband with the big flower I had on the girl was made out of this old shirt:

I was glad — giddy, even — to see that big pink circus tent go. Yay for getting rid of maternity clothes! Let’s just pray I don’t need them again for a while.

No seriously… pray. I think I would die.

29 thoughts on “Headbands and things

  1. I’ve never heard of the Bump It, but now I’m totally intrigued! I’m terrible when it comes to doing my own hair, so I’m curious, is it as easy to use as the infomercial says?
    P.S. I think it looks cute in yoru hair and is totally public worthy :)

  2. it’s cute on you!! I may have to check that out, because my hair is always SO flat when I try to pull it back. I am not good at that whole teasing and making it big thing at all.

    ok, seriously, what a great idea to make a headband out of an old maternity shirt! And it turned out so perfect and adorable! Another idea I just may have to steal. :)

  3. The hair looks amazing. Rock on with the “Bump It”! I have to agree with you…the infomercial is cheesy and did make me chuckle. Oh, and the headband is adorable. Smart thinking…

  4. I think you are totally rocking the Bump It! I had never heard of that! For a while I was totally into making a bump in my ponytail and I would always try to make my own bump with a ton of bobbypins. I’m thinking I should try it out again! Oh, and Maddie looks SO adorable in her headband! What a genius idea to make that out of a maternity shirt! Awesome!

  5. I am giggling so much right now. Why???? Cause I know you are freaking over the Bump It, but you look super cute. And well Miss Priss Bows…are soon going to be it’s own boutique. I am so excited and your lil cheerleader!!!

  6. O…M…G…!!! I need that Bump It. And I never even KNEW it. Every time I tease my hair up, I feel quite guilty about the damage I’m doing.

    Love Maddie’s headband. Great idea – you ROCK!

  7. I seen the commercial for those..and was totally loving them, but with curly hair..prob not a good idea! IT LOOKS SO CUTE ON YOU!!

    And Miss Maddie….is a doll with her new headband!

  8. HA! I love that you got the Bump It! I was laughing about the infomercial the other day with a friend… but then yesterday as I was doing my hair, I was thinking, “I kind of wish I had a Bump It! I need some extra volume. I wonder if they really work?”

    I think it looks so cute in your hair and when my hair gets a little bit longer, I’m definitely getting one. I’m a ponytail girl and I need all the help I can get to add a little volume.

    You can definitely wear it out in public!

  9. You were SO not being a snob – you were pretty much adorable. And I’d never know you had some thing in your hair – it looked cute! And Maddie – even cuter still!!

  10. Okay so I won’t say I told you so regarding gum chewing.. even though I did start chewing occasionally…..

    But I love that bow and I can’t believe you made it! Was this the same headband that we were playing with when we visited?

    And you rock the bump it very well. What does it look like in person? Can you see the plastic thing? I’m intrigued by this..

  11. Gum chewing is actually good for your teefs :) I have never heard of this Bump It! What the heckkkk??? With the amount of tv we watch how could I have no seen this before!? I am SO out of it. Love the headband, gah!!! So many projects…so little time!

  12. thanks for introducing me to bump it. i usually just tease my hair with a back comb. it never really stays, I totally just ordered this.

  13. that bump it seems so fun! It would save a lot of back combing, I think I may buy one, thanks for the link. Infomercials are always so cheesey, that’s why I love them! And also, Maddie is so adorable in that video

  14. I am completely intrigued by the bump-it. I may have to try it!

    Maddie is gorgeous, and I am completely impressed with your craftiness!

  15. Well I think your hair looks good, I’ve never heard of the bump it before. Maddie’s bow is so cute! None of that stuff works on Jillian’s head. Even the beanies I made her really don’t work.

  16. first of all, you dont sound like a snob… so shut it. i had to go back and watch the video a second time because i totally could not take my eyes off of beautiful maddie. :) LOVE her headband, you’re so crafty!

    i’m not going to lie, i saw a commercial for the bump it on tv the other day and considered ordering it. such a good idea, and it totally makes your hair look adorable. :)

  17. Crazy! I like the bump it. May have to get one.

    Also, on their website (the instruction section) they wrote that the bump it is not edible…hahaha

  18. I like the bump it – because you’re not wearing it like they do on the crown of the head!! I think that’s where pagenty cheese happens. Because you’re wearing it further back it’s really casual & stylish. Very nice!

    And your little sweetie?

    I can’t even handle the cute.

  19. I too bought a Bump It, however it ended up an after Christmas return sadly. If you have thin blonde hair, even if you put almost ALL of your hair over it, you can just see a giant space through your hair still! I looked like the world’s biggest moron. I think if they had one about half the height of the “normal” one it would be PERFECT for me. Sad that a blonde with thin flat hair can’t even pull of a “fake” volume piece! lol I’m glad to see the Bump It does work for some people! Did you know the inventor lives right here in town?

    Cute headband- love the source too- I don’t miss my circus tents either!!! :-)

  20. ok i love that you own the bump it b/c i could not peel my eyes away from the infomercial when i saw it for the first time, i SO wanted straight hair so i could try it out! LOL it looks good! totally public worthy ;)
    what a fab idea to make a bow out of a maternity dress, it looks adorable on her too. big bows on little baby heads are always so cute, so girly!!
    i always feel like i sound like a total snob on tape too, i HATE it!! but for the record i really didn’t think you sounded like one, honest.
    Maddy is getting big already!! look at her squirming around, she’s adorable!

  21. Lol, isn’t it funny how critical we are when we see ourself on video? I hate it! No need to give up gum :)

    I’ve never heard of that hair piece, but your hair doesn’t look unnatural in the video so it can’t be too drastic. Now I’m wondering what the thing looks like!

  22. Lol…the bumpit. I can see my husband totally poking at it. Try Osis mattifying dust for volume. Just sprinkle a little in your hair and it will do whatever yoou want without getting a sticky greasy look.

  23. LOL! I saw the BumpIt commercial and was writing down all the info to order when Mr. Mine came in the room and OH DON’T ORDER THAT! I’m totally ordering it!

  24. #1: Youre cute
    #2: I totally just saw an infomercial for the Bump It and really wanted one!
    #3: I want a baby girl because yours is too adorable!

  25. I’m not going to lie… I really want this. haha Good find! I wish there was a way to order just 1, I don’t need 4!
    Just found your blog through the biggest loser, and it’s great!

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