More on Headbands

Here’s a more clear photo of the headband I made for the little miss. It’s a bit frayed on the edges and a little lopsided, but I think I like it like that.

And last night I decided to make a headband for myself… because it’s just not fair that Madeline gets all the cute accessories when she doesn’t even have hair yet. :)

25 thoughts on “More on Headbands

  1. You are so creative! I can’t think up new ideas on my own…I have to find something I like and then alter the details to fit my taste.

    Baby girls are so much fun!

  2. Cute! You don’t often hear about making headbands for babies. So creative! Normally it’s just baby blankets and stuff. Leave it to you to do something like this. :)

  3. Those are both simply adorable!! I can’t believe you made them! I wish I could wear headbands more, but they usually give me a headache! :(

  4. Those are pretty darn adorable. I love the little beads in the middle of her flower. It doesn’t look like you made it at all! I’m in awe.

  5. Oh beautiful! I made flower pins like those last week – we’re on the same wavelength!

    Are you guys going to be matching now, or will you alternate days?

  6. I was about to say “you are so gosh-darned crafty” and then I saw that Rachel beat me to it. But you are… I wouldn’t ever think to make cute coordinating accessories for my non-existent daughter and myself. Way to teach your daughter style at an early age.

  7. these are utterly adorable, both of them. I’ve been meaning to make myself a headband as well, for some time now. But I’m lazy. :) I love the look of them though, and they are so handy for those days when the hair just needs to go back! So much better than a plain ol’ bobby pin.
    Go Morgan, look at you working the craftiness! :)

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