Lovely Prints

Have you checked out the Made By Girl store? I believe it is my obsession of the week. I was playing around with the customizable ABC print thingamabob and came up with the Lovely poster above.  I think I am going to tweak the colors a little more and order one for the baby’s room.

Yes, I think I shall.

And if I had my way (and my own super girlie powder room), I’d get this print:

I’m on a hot pink kick right now. Can you tell?

8 thoughts on “Lovely Prints

  1. Ahh! You find the best websites. I wish I had this awesome powder room with fancy upholstered chairs and have that lipstick print on the wall… next to a swirly wrought iron sconce….

    Darn you…

    Where’s my dream house at?

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