Card cuteness

I will be a big girl and admit that I am quite obsessed with cards. I will never understand the reasoning behind this, but I’ll snatch up any card I think is semi-cute or entertaining whether I need it or not. I have a box up in my closet with dozens of birthday, thank you, blank, and lovey-dovey cards “just in case”. Seriously, there are like 15 years’ worth up there. It’s an issue, really.

(When will I ever need this? Because you better believe I have one. Maybe even two.)

You can imagine my glee when I realized Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. EEEEE! <– That would be my glee.

Just look at these and try not to drool all over yourself.

1) & 4) The Love Pack – MadeByGirl

2. Valentine Snail – Egg Press

3. L-O-V-E – MadeByGirl

5. Saucy Tart – Bella Muse

6.  Good Catch – Egg Press

Do any of you get all crafty and make cards or gifts or participate in other shenanigans on V-day? I usually hit a creativity block and end up making a silly coupon book for free back rubs and things. Because apparently I’m still 12.

18 thoughts on “Card cuteness

  1. Sigh my Justin is the best at making cards, he really is, and he has made me some really beautiful cards, whereas I have only done the Hallmark thing. But at least it is a Hallmark card right? I mean they are supposed to be the very best. But this year I am going to attempt a handmade card to save money.

  2. I have an entire drawer full of cards that I NEVER use. I typically forget that I need to mail of a BD card until I am at work and then I run to Rite Aid and buy a lame one to mail off that day.

    Pathetic, I know!!

  3. I LOVE that Paco card! I sent it to a friend a while ago. I think its one of the best cards ever. I also stock up on cards too… because you never know when you’ll need one. :-) I LOVE cards!

  4. Lol @ Justin!!!! I remember making my parent’s those little coupon books :) Not to make you feel 12 or anything…hah.

    My Mom also has an extensive card collection! She has a big box with dividers in them for the different holidays and occasions…if we needed a card we’d just go look in the card box :) I allsssooo like to make cards! Usually when we’re up at the cabin, because my mom has tons of supplies! Well I have some, but am cheap so I take advantage of the free stash of crafty things ;) The last cards I made were our “new home” announcements…they took for. ev. er.

  5. My husband always picks out the silliest and dumbest cards. I’m more sentimental. I think I’ve even gotten a v-day card from him that mentions farting! We usually go out to dinner, nothing big.

  6. This is where a nice card organizer come in handy :)..I have 2!!!

    Oh, and The hubby & I are going to a sweetheart dinner next sat. ..and then on v-day we will be at a farm machinery show..oh, the romance..LOL!

  7. There’s nothing wrong with coupon books. They show you still care. Unless you read Justin’s comment. At any rate, I have a card issue, too. I’m awful at giving them out, but if I bought the above Paco cards, I would use them to put a smile one someone’s face who had been down and out for at least a month. That strikes me as something I’d laugh hysterically at/forget all of my troubles after being in the doldrums for awhile.

  8. Last year I totally made a heart card with a poem in it. I don’t know how MrB can’t stand my corniness.

    V-Day is also our anniversary so we go all out on all things corny.

  9. What I’ve always found is that whenever you give those coupon books the recipient never cashes them in! Is it because you’re expected to do those things coupons or no coupons? I’m not sure.

    It would be fun to go to JoAnn’s or Michaels and get a bunch of cute stuff to make Valentines Day cards! I think you just inspired me to make homemade Valentines this year.

  10. lol at that card! I don’t usually make V-Day gifts but this year I’m making playdough for the kids in my daughters pre-k class, not sure what to make the teacher yet though.

  11. I usually like to get in the v-day spirit but I am not sure how much time I will have this year to make cards-but there is always the option of buying an awesome Paco card….

  12. Hahahaha! Those Paco cards slay me! Whenever I’m at Hallmark I totally have to buy one. When I give them to people I’m all, “Have I given you this one yet? It’s still funny, right? Because it totally is to me.”

    LOVE IT.

    I don’t usually do Valentine’s day cards – well, I guess I do get one for Jay, but he’s not a card guy. I will buy (or make) the cutest card in all creation, sit down and write the most loving note in all creation, and he will read it, smile, say thanks and then away it goes into some random corner of our place. Maybe it’s just me, and I always expect him to ooh and ahh over what I do. Psh. Whatever. Guys should appreciate a good card and love note.

    I should have married a woman. Or something.


  13. Okay I had to laugh at this because I think I’ve helped you put one of those coupon books together when we used to work together! haha!! Good times

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