12 thoughts on “I’m in love with a font. This is true.

  1. and please don’t kill me for telling you that AFTER you spent the $9.. I owe you two venti vanilla lattes just for keeping that info from you lol

  2. Yesss I am downloading the free one right now, thanks Steph ;) I like your font though Morgan! It’s cute!!!! I think I’m going to write a whole LONG blog with it..he he he!

  3. your handwriting font is so CUTE!! my husband is a butt and wont let me download ANYTHING on his laptop but when i get my desktop up & running i SO want to do this :D I wonder if i’ll hate mine tho LOL

  4. Aw, yay! I’m so glad someone else did this! I love it. Yours turned out perfectly! I need to download mine to my work computer so I can freak everyone out and they can totally judge me.

    (And I just saw the link to the free place, and am a little pissed that I didn’t know about it. Oh, well. I probably would have ended up spending that $9 at Starbucks or something, so maybe it’s better this way.)

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