101 Things {that will consume my life} in 1001 Days

Start Date: February 12, 2009

End Date: Thursday, November 10, 2011


In progress

Healthy Changes

1. Take another Pilates class
2. Take a spin class
3. Don’t laugh… Bust out my Tae Bo with Billy Blanks dvd and work out to it every day for two weeks. (0/14)
4. Try being a vegetarian for a month
5. Go a day without TV, computer and phone
6. Prepare lunches for work for an entire month
7. Lose 20 pounds to reach goal weight (20/20)


8. Comment on 5 new blogs a day for a week (7/7)
9. For one month, write a post a day (0/30)
10. Get my Etsy shop up and running
11. Learn to use Photoshop well
12. Meet 5 of my internet buddies in person (any takers?)
13. Do a tutorial on my blog (Bib Clips, Anthropologie Floral Necklace, Anthropologie Bonheur Necklace, How to Make a Bow, Dainty Flowers for Your Hair, Felt Rosettes, Springy Rings, Classic Felt Flowers, Fancy Ruffled Shoe Clips, Scrap Paper Garland, Flag Bunting Necklace)
14. Be featured in something positively

Domestic Duties & Crafty Projects

15. Redecorate our bedroom
16. Sew a dress for Madeline
17. Bake a batch of rainbow chip cupcakes
18. Buy a mop that actually works
19. Organize spices in a spice rack
20. Make Madeline a big, cute hair bow
21. Embroider something
22. Make 10 birthday gifts (10/10)
23. Clean out my dresser
24. Fix dresser drawers and paint it
25. Try out 15 new recipes from my collection of unused recipe books (15/15)

Wifely/Motherly Things

26. Kiss Justin goodnight 365 consecutive times
27. Watch a sunset with Justin (on our way back from New York… on a plane. IT COUNTS.)
28. Take a new photo with all three of us
29. Brush up on my French and write a love letter.
30. Take a weekend trip alone with Justin
31. Go on 10 different dates that don’t involve the movie theater (7/10)
32. Plan 3 surprises for Justin (1/3)
33. Teach Madeline 5 French phrases when she starts talking (0/5)
34. Go on 3 mini family vacations (2/3)
35. Go on a big family vacation
36. Start planning for Baby Gable #2… planning, not trying. :)

Being Social & Having Fun

37. Host a fancy party for friends
38. Host a party for my side of the family
39. Host a party for Justin’s side
40. Dress up and have a girl’s night out
41. Plan and execute 5 picnics in different locations (2/5)
42. Climb to the top of a waterfall
43. Write my name in the sand
44. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle (apparently I’m 80 because this sounds like a lot of fun to me)
45. Treat 3 different girlfriends to coffee on 3 separate occasions (2/3)
46. Attend five concerts (2/5: No Doubt, Relient K)
47. Take a picture in a photobooth
48. Talk to each of my grandparents once a week (lost count, but keeping up/143)
49. Rearrange my living room
50. Watch 50 movies I’ve never seen (50/50)
51. Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium
52. Travel to Alaska again, but on vacation this time
53. Eat at three new restaurants (3/3: The Cracked Crab, Jimy Wen’s, Pismo’s)

Conquering Fears & Breaking Habits

54. Get over my red meat phobia and cook a steak dinner for the hubs
55. Try fish again (not a fan)
56. Drive a stick-shift and not die
57. Go mountain biking with Justin
58. Hike Half Dome
59. Go Paintballing (terrifies me)
60. Teach a class/lead a Bible study
61. Go a month without buying lattes
62. Sing Karaoke

Kind Things

63. Buy a bum (‘homeless person’, for the PC person I offended) some lunch
64. Send 5 people snail mail (1/5)
65. Leave sweet, anonymous notes for 3 different people (0/3)
66. Take my Dad out to coffee
67. Take my Mom to get a mani/pedi
68. Spend time talking with my brother over lunch
69. Participate in a charity walk
70. Donate clothes I don’t wear

Wise Things

71. Save money for a house
72. Go a month without spending any money on clothes
73. Limit eating out to 2 times a month
74. Begin Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps
75. Collect all change for the 1001 days and put into savings at the end

Things I Should’ve Done Long Ago

76. Invite our neighbors over for dinner
77. ATV on the beach
78. Talk out that problem with those people
79. Finish the Love & Respect devotional with Justin
80. Sell my car
81. Graciously accept every compliment I receive for a month
82. Find a new dentist
83. This one’s a secret…
84. Start and maintain a prayer journal
85. Go snowboarding
86. Get a plant and keep it alive for at least a year (Start date: 12/25/09 – it died 3/1/10)

For Me

87. Read 50 books (23/50)
88. Find and purchase these moccasins
89. Take one bubble bath a week (15 holy fail/143)
90. Let my hair grow. No more bobs.
91. Fill every page of my journal
92. Get a professional pedicure during every summer month (9/12)
93. Buy a pair of designer heels (Louboutins, Steph. Agreed.)
94. Bring out the violin and start playing again. Yes, I am a nerd.
95. Buy a little black dress that I love and that looks great
96. Find the perfect shade of red lipstick
97. Take a cooking class
98. Find my niche and perfect it
99. Properly store my wedding dress
100. Finish my box of Crest White Strips
101. Take a photo to document completed tasks (when possible)

42 thoughts on “101 Things {that will consume my life} in 1001 Days

  1. I REALLY want to see the picture of you buying a bum some lunch!! ROFLLL

    Okay but seriously these are great!! I really like the collecting change idea! Okay and your read 50 books put my read 10 books to SHAME. Sigh. This will be a fun next two and however many days. :)

  2. i NEEEEEED to make a list!! I m so looking forward to seeing pics/hearing about your completed tasks :) AND imagine how much maddie is going to have grown when this is over!! GASP! ;)

  3. i love you list!!!

    lets keep each other accountable k?

    If you need a photographer for number 28 give me a ring a ding ding!

    I will totally sing karaoke with you!!!

    lets do #’s 85,92,40,2 together! As well as the charity walk!

    and i will totally hit up a concert with you! thats one of mine as well!!

  4. Great list! This is something I should definitely do. I have a mental to do list (some fun, some dreaded) that I need to be held accountable to. Reading this makes me realize that if it’s out there for the world to see, it’s a little more real.

    “The Shack” might help with #60 and #87. It would be a great discussion for a samll group. I need some serious help with #96 as well.

    If you lived in Chicago, I’d love to help you with #12!! I’d love to meet that precious baby!

  5. Love the list! There are some great things that can be done easily (when you get round to it) and there are some harder things that will actually take effort to do. Good Planning!

    You could come and meet me… A nice holiday to sunny Australia. (I actually live on the Sunshine Coast) But with the terrible weather we are having you wouldnt imagine that it was actually summer.

    You will have to keep us updated on how everything goes

  6. I’ve been a lurker for awhile now, but I needed to let you know that I really loved your list. I am plan on making one for myself. Keep us updated – that will give me a reminder to update my own!

    P.S. your daughter is beautiful.

  7. Steph: I WILL take one! Can you imagine that post? LOL

    Anna: Okay, you need to help me out with the karaoke because I cannot do it alone!

    Cale: You don’t like puzzles!? Haha… I added that one and the one about the bum when I had 10 things left and a few minutes left at work to finish up.

    Ashlea: Australia would be an AWESOME one to add to this list. Justin’s already been (dated a girl there… let’s not get into it. lol). Are you ever afraid of the killer spiders/sharks/jellyfish? TERRIFYING!

    Tami: Hi! and thank you. :) You should definitely make one and post it! Just a heads up though… those last 15 or 20 are rough. See above comment to Cale. haha

  8. I love your list – I could probably comment on about half of those things but that would just be lame of me ;) Right now I am curious about “that one problem” and the “secret”. Also…you dont like red meat or FISH? This I did not know…veggie??

  9. #12-I would love to meet you! :)

    #42-how do you climb a waterfall?? just curious…

    #90-I totally mis-read bobs at first and thought you said boobs…HAHAHA! When that made NO sense, in relation to hairstyles, I re-read it! LOL!!

    Great list…best of luck accomplishing it!

  10. Morgan, I love your list! And I love that you linked to my new moccs as one of your goals! Awesome! :) You should totally get them! They’re so comfy.

    As I’ve told Steph and everyone else who has a list – I’m so intimidated by these lists! So much pressure to sound cool and have such amazing goals! I think you have succeeded already!

    Good luck with crossing things off your list — can’t wait to hear about your adventures during the next 1001 days!

  11. Its not as bad as people make out. well apart from that shark attack on Bondi Beach this week…. But that was in Sydney, so ages away.

    I have seen a few HUGE spiders (Body bigger than my hand, not to mention those legs) and even though I felt safer with my parnet squishing it and kill, kill, die spider! they are actually harmless.

    I guess coming from new Zealand, its not much of a difference. Really.

  12. Maybe I should publish my goals publicly too so I’m actually accountable for them :)

    As for #4, I’ve been a vegetarian for about a month now. I’m liking it!

  13. I’ll be copying like everything on your list – and yes I wanted to bust out laughing about that Tae bo part ..hahaha….

    I’m back to my normal weight too, it’ll come – it prpb didnt hurt that I put my hubby on a steamed food diet 4 months after, and I lost more weight too – over all we eat really healthy – olive oil, fish, greens, whole wheat breat, whole wheat rice, cheese only with wine ( we’re in France) – and drink tons of water( which I hate, but i cheat by drinking fruit teas!
    Oh and we dont use sugar, nor eat white bread and skip fast food :) sound terrible but its totally do-able. Its easier here because fresh fruits and veggies are everywhere, so good and so cheap here, compared to NYC.

    You’re great!

  14. Morgan
    May I tell you, I used to be afraid to use red meat when we first got married, stuck to Chicken, and Now I think that was wasted meal time becuase there are SO many delicious healthy things to make with red meat! My new favorite is getting a pre- marinated tri-tip and throwing it in the crock pot with a little garlic and broth, and setting it on high for 8-10, it is AMAZING! Falls apart and will make your husband’s week.
    Hope that helps you conquer your fear.

  15. This is a great idea! I think I might do something similar myself. My favorite one you mention is #72- go for a month without buying clothes. I might just attempt that one in March.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. I love this idea, and like a lot of people on here I am going to do my own list. The categories are great! Thanks for the inspiration, and I hope you accomplish all goals!

  17. 63. Buy a bum some lunch

    Is a bit patronising and rude,don’t you think?
    It’s not really very kind to refer to someone as a ‘bum’.

  18. Well,yeah.
    It’s about pride,isn’t it?
    Yeah,they’re homeless etc. but does that mean they’re not entitled to a bit of dignity?
    You can’t call a black person the ‘N’ word then say ”But,it’s okay ’cause I’m buying you some lunch”.

  19. For a mop that actually works, I suggest Norwex! I’m not a norwex consultant, as a disclaimer. I got mine for free through a sweeeeeet hostess deal. I never got why they were supposed to be so special until I got mine and holy bouncing tatas, batman, my floor was shinier after the very first time and using just water than it ever was with other shmancy carps. My wood AND my lino. it’s not a cheap mop but it comes with a wetmop and drymop heads, it’s super easy to use, swivels super nice, adhystable height, and you only need to use water for a super shiny clean&delicious floor. I have such a crush on my norwex mop. If only that was enough to make me want to use it more often… ;)

  20. This is a great idea! I think I might do something similar myself. My favorite one you mention is #72- go for a month without buying clothes. I might just attempt that one in March.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. I cant get my glue (hot glue or any glue ) to stick to shoe clips..What do you think Im doing wrong. My glue eventually pops off or my shoe clip comes apart when Im wearing my clips. Nice Site…Thanks..Susan

  22. This is such a cool idea… glad to have happened upon it … and your blog, too. It’s got such a lovely, pretty, comfy feel – I love it! Good luck with the rest of your list! :)

  23. There is a place in fresno called madelines and the stored my dress. It’s kinda creepy cause it looks like its in a coffin. It was only 100 bucks. Also, before you do, maybe you can do a trash my. dress photo shoot….

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