15 thoughts on “A Few Questions from Mrs. Corwin

  1. Very cute. I hope you were able to get out of there, which you obviously were otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to post that super fun video. I like all the little extras that were added in there. Great interview!

  2. LOL!!! the editing= hilarious!! oh man, i love it. I loved the sound of the beach, made me want to gooooo!! JTT!! Aaaa! i LOVEd that dude, so dreamy HA!!
    hey, how come pismo didnt get any rain dangit! Monterey was so dreary and FREEEEEZING! i’m glad you guys had a great time!!

  3. Okay I desperately want to hear this song about JTT. Can it be my birthday present?

    And I love the editing. It was like pop-up video… but BETTER!

  4. That was absolutely hilarious/ adorable. Justin is such a good sport!! And I totally had a crush on JTT too, until I saw him in person and found out he was like 5’6.. kind of a letdown.

  5. Hmm, I wonder what it was Justin was referring to that he missed the most :-) Really cute video. Reagan heard Justin’s voice and came over to watch it with me until it got to the bra part and I had to pause it. Guess I’ll finish it later. Looks like you had a great Valentines.

  6. Ahahaha, this was too cute! I was thinking the same thing as Allison when I saw that the water started coming in. :P And I love the edited scenes. Perfect (funny) addition to the video. :)

  7. Funny video! Your “list” should contain writing your name in the snow. Don’t you think that would be so much more fun?! *smirk*

  8. Okay I finally watched it with SOUND…I am dying. I kept yelling at Chris to see the funny pictures that Justin inserted into the video…hahaha. Ummmm, can we hang out? haha. the emo tears was the best!!!!!!!!!

  9. it was amazing. all i have to say about your talent is AM CUP MASTERS!!! hahaha i am pretty sure we would get X’ed off really fast.. hahaha..

  10. Okay, so, that was totally the highlight of my day. You guys are freaking adorable! I was laughing so hard when all the random photos came up – emo tears, hahahaha!

    I love how you were all, “Noooo!” at the end when the water was coming in. I’m just glad that this wasn’t your last post ever, or that we had to witness your last moments on video. How did you guys get IN that little nook and/or cranny, anyway?

    Good times.

  11. okay, can we talk about how i seriously almost died when i wtched this.

    rofl to the images of you clearing out your rss feeds, talking on the phone and chatting. great visual. :)

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