An Outfit for the Occasion: My Birthday

If money were no object and I had some much tanner legs, I would be all over this as a birthday outfit. Also, the real reason I’m posting this to tell you that my birthday is coming up on February 26th.

Subtle, I know.

1. Juicy Couture Flower StudĀ  Earrings – $48.00

2. Bangle Bangle by Amrita Singh – $100.00

3. Juicy Couture Strawberry Print Mini Dress – $330.00

4. Fendi Spy Bag – $2, 075.00

5. rsvp Rhea Red Satin heels – $74.00

18 thoughts on “An Outfit for the Occasion: My Birthday

  1. Hey we need to do something for your b-day. you can borrow my fake fendi bag if you want! oh and what do you want for your birthday my dear! oh i REALLY miss our thursday lunch dates.. :-( um lets make time to hang k? love you

  2. Happy almost birthday! Those earrings are super cute, and I of course love those shoes. Why can’t shopping sprees not count on credit card bills?!

  3. Oh man. Wouldn’t that be just the most adorable outfit ever? It looks so fifties. You’d need to wear some bright red lipstick and big fake eyelashes.

  4. great outfit – and i’m glad i re-read the post…….for a second i thought that’s what you actually bought and was sitting here thinking, “well, i guess some people (myself not included) can afford a $3,000 b-day outfit.”


    glad i found your blog – love it.

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