The Morning Rush

This was taken earlier today before I took the girl to daycare.  I was in a mad rush because my alarm clock decided not to go off AT ALL this morning, bless it’s little heart. Also, I have been without my daily lattes for 4 days now (stupid #61, I shake my fist at you). Needless to say, I was a little on edge.  So don’t let the cheese up there fool you.

Sometimes I feel like I spend all my time getting ready to go somewhere. Do you ever get like that? I sleep until the last possible minute, hop out of bed and rushrushrush until I somehow end up at work right on the dot. I just can’t help but feel that I’m missing out on something doing it this way.

Babies are just so precious in the morning… all warm, cuddly, and just plain happy with life. (I’m drooling right now thinking about it, by the way.) In that crazy hour before I leave for work I realize I need to relax a little. Just stop for a minute or two, breathe, and enjoy my daughter in her sweetest time.

Today of all days, I decided to give it a shot. I knelt down and started making a general fool of myself with my retarded faces and Maddie moo-moo-moooos.  When she started doing this, it was all over:

I was late to work, but it was totally worth it.

P.S. Why am I noticing that obnoxious Warning label right now? Do I not put her in that seat every single day? Does that thing peel off?  Must investigate…

28 thoughts on “The Morning Rush

  1. She totally is so precious! You definitely need to take time for that sweet little girl everyday. You both will appreciate it. You look nice in that picture to by the way.

  2. I can completely relate to this post. 100%. I have been trying to get up earlier so that I can spend a few moments cuddling Keegan while we watch (gulp) Barney together. (Don’t judge me, it is the only way I get to shower) And because I am a true type A, I am not trying to add early morning trips to the gym. I am insane.

    Mornings are tough! I would say the morning rush is one of the hardest aspects of parenting. Good luck, and keep loving on Maddie :-)

  3. I’m pretty sure the label doesn’t peel off, I always hated those darn things! I’m glad Zach’s in a convertable seat now so I don’t have to see it anymore… except now I’m not sure if Zach’s had a sticker on the seat lol. just checked a pic, it didn’t but I know my girls’ seats had them

  4. Maddie is so cute Morgan! Love her bow.
    I get Bella up 3 or 4 days each week and take her to the sitter, since the sitter isn’t far from the office. Bella is always a happy smiling little girl in the morning, mornings are a fun time to spend with babies. I have Alicia pack her bag the night before and leave out her clothes so in the morning I can spend 10-15 minutes playing with Bella and not worrying about getting her bag together or deciding on clothes. It’s cut down on my morning rush now that I have Alicia doing that. — After all it is Alicia’s child :-)
    Stop by the office some day with Maddie, we’d love to see her.

  5. Awe…you took look so pretty!

    Nope..that label does not come I’ve never seem one that did. You can always blur it out in the pic though!

  6. How about I stop by, BUY you a latte and play with little Miss? :) I totally do the exact same thing…always sleep in as much as humanly possible. I think my shower/get ready record is 35 mins. LOL!

  7. Babies are so great in the morning. I actually get up extra early so I end up spending 30-40 minute with her most mornings. :)

    Also, will you make me a headband for Bennett? Or point me in the direction as to wear to buy a similiarly cute one?

  8. So sweet!!

    Mister and I have definitely had to make an effort to have time together, and it’s been a challenge! What I’ve done is chop the amount of blogs I read, get up with him to walk the dogs at 6:30 am, walk the puppies with him in the evening, and make sure that by 8:30 pm my day is pretty much done so we can just hang out.

    And half the time it fails. But it’s a plan! = )

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a happy baby in a car seat! And she is so beautiful Morgan! She looks just like you guys!

    P.S. Those warning tags are probably like the tags on mattresses in that it’s probably a federal offense to remove them, or something outrageous like that :)

  10. I always feel like I spend more time getting us ready then I do actually going out, wherever it is we’re going. lol.

    She is soooooo adorable. and I don’t think those things peel off. I tried my son’s carseat but it was a no go.

  11. she is SO beautiful Morgan!! If there was ever a reason to be late in the morning that very smile would be it, she’s so presh!!!
    The early morning rush never gets any better, at least that I’ve discovered or that I can remember growing up. :/ It’s my WORST part of the day many days & i always feel the need to apologize to Isaiah for it at the end of the day :(

  12. when did she get so big?? Ahhhh, she’s adorable!!! That adjective can never be used too much when it comes to babies and big huge smiles. :)

    I love your perspective and attitude– you are doing an amazing job. I can’t imagine trying to balance work AND a child! you go girl.

  13. We were completely late dropping Logan off at school on Monday because the kids and I were googly-eying the baby. She was making the cutest faces and sounds, I couldn’t help it.

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