Is this so wrong?

Just a little background info:

  • I have sneaky tendencies
  • I have been known to be a little bitter about ex girlfriends
  • The internet gives me balls

With that said, it should be no surprise to you that I have used Myspace to check up on Justin’s 101 Girlfriends he had in 1,001 Days.

When we first started dating (remember, we met online? Yes, lame. I am aware.), I read back through every comment these girls left him. Every. Single. One.  The knowledge I gained from this process was very useful and interesting. And it also angered me greatly.

Were all of these girls skanky hoes? No. Did that matter to me? Haaail naww. I hated them anyway.

There was one in particular that he dated for quite a while. She was cute. She had an Austrailian accent. She did not sit well with me. (Hi, if you’re reading this.)

Wouldn’t you know that one day we started messaging each other on little old Myspace. Considering my past blow ups with ex-girlfriends you’d think this would be completely catastrophic, but surprisingly, she wasn’t as bad as I had hoped thought. In fact, we discovered we had a mutual dislike for a certain ex-love interest of Justin’s. The girl had wronged us both.

This is where I really lost it.

A fake Myspace was created. A good looking guy’s picture was added. A few messages were sent. A date was set to meet up. Laughter from opposite ends of the world ensued.

There have been times where I’ve looked back and thought, “Hmm. Probably could’ve handled that differently.”  But what’s done is done.

You can go ahead and call me crazy. I admit this is the case. I would just like to know who else is guilty of internet stalking. You may not have teamed up with your husband’s ex-girlfriend to get back at another ex-girlfriend, but you’ve done something.

If you have the guts, spill it. :)

35 thoughts on “Is this so wrong?

  1. Hmm I don’t know either of you, but I live in Fresno and like to mountain bike. Somehow I got Justin’s blog in my news reader and now yours too. I think I’m the first comment on this post…. does that make me a stalker?

    maybe.. it .. just makes me a procrastinator at work.

    P.S. How did you decide what the dude in the fake photo should look like?

  2. Does it count as internet stalking that I like to read your blog? :-)

    I can totally see Alicia doing the exact same thing and I think she has mentioned that she has read all of the old comments from girls of a new boyfriend.

    BTW – happy birthday.

  3. @Paul: I’m with you on the procrastination thing! And you know, the whole choosing-of-the-fake-dude’s-photo was quite a process. Sort of like American Idol… it took a while for us to decide. We went with a blond surfer who looked like a total d-bag. He’s an actual friend of a friend, haha.

  4. omg this made me laugh SO hard, you ARE a psycho and i totally love it LOL! TJ just has one ex that lives in Ca and as it turns out I knew her before he did and hated her then too. She is a BIOTCH. and totally white trash. just sayin.
    This story totally made my day i swear. LOL i love it.

  5. Ahh I was wondering if you went for a Justin look alike. Since the guy in the photo looked like a d-bag .. I think we all know the answer.


  6. I keep tabs on the guy I had a crush on for all of high school. A couple of times a year, I Google him. I know a lot about him from doing that. ;)

  7. I am a psycho, too!

    I’ve friended Mike’s former-quasi-girlfriend-slash-woman-who-was-in-love-with-him-and-wanted-to-marry-him on Facebook.

    I STILL check her page WAY TOO OFTEN.

    And we’ve been married 1.5 years. I am pathetic.

    Please don’t judge me. :)

  8. I stalk my ex-boyfriend, but only to know what is going on with his life… and I’m married now. My husband only had one girlfriend, me, thankfully.

  9. I’m with you. The hubby & I have a joint myspace, so I always peruse the females he ‘knew growing up’ to see what I can find. Turns out a few of them he ‘accidentally’ forgot to mention that he dated. Niiiice.

    And BTW…I don’t think you’re lame for meeting your hubby online…that’s how my man & I met! Next month we will celebrate EIGHT years of marriage! :)

  10. Jen: Oh that’s always lovely, isn’t it? hahaha. Well congratulations on 8 years! Nice to know there’s some longevity to internet relationships. :)

  11. I love J’s comment. Funny post on your birthday missy.

    I myself, am a stalker. Yep. Nuf said. I stalk and steal ideas, well I get “inspiration” and make them my own. However, I get raging pissed when people copy me. Make sense? I think so.

  12. Ha Morgan you are so funny. Sigh, I never stalked anyone of Justin’s friends/romantic interests, thankfully I was his first girlfriend and I married him. But I did make delete his myspace profile, and facebook, because a few of his friends didn’t like me and one girl that liked him kept trying to ask him to go get lunch with her, even after we got married. And when he told her he doesn’t go out with people of the opposite sex alone she asked him if I was jealous. I texted her back from his phone telling her it was me and that she should stop being so pathetic leave him alone, go get her own boyfriend and life…or just end hers….yeah I was that mean. but she never contacted him again.

  13. Oooh, boy, I was definitely crazy in past relationships. Well, okay, at the beginning of this one too but the crazy kind of went away when we got engaged. I was kind of obsessed with knowing every single detail of ex-girlfriends. It tortured me to know, but it tortured me even more to not know!

  14. I would NEVER condone such behavior.

    Or help you pick out said surfer fake guy.. Taylor… hahahhahahahha

    Sorry I’m not ready to let me crazies out in the open :)

  15. OMG! I LOVE YOU! This made me laugh so hard. I’ve never gone to the extent that you did, but I’ve definitely stalked my own ex’s and tried to stalk my husband’s as well. My husband was single for all of a day before he asked me out on a date… and he and his ex g/f were together for like 2 years. Soooooo… needless to say I was insecure about our relationship starting so quickly after the old one ended. There was even some of her stuff still floating around his condo when I came into the picture. Pictures and random stuff here and there (that I threw away).

    AND… I TRIED to find her on Myspace but I never knew her last name (and there was no sly way of asking for it). So instead I search for her FIRST name on Myspace and I knew the general area of town she lived in… so I narrowed it by zip code. There were like 20 pages of people… and lets just say I search every single page and never found her. Its probably a good thing. :-) However, I still would love to google her if I knew her last name.

  16. umm, I MAY have done this to an ex friend. I wanted to find out info and I did, info that pissed me off and gave me the guts to bitch the cow out. anyway. so no you’re not psycho… well maybe a little lol but I am too then

  17. LOL! That is exactly why I deleted my myspace :o Not gonna say I haven’t done my share of stalking, but I’ve come a long way from that..NO LOOKING BACK.

    hah ;)

  18. OMG! I am totally the Austrlian girl that teamed up with you in our evil scheme :) Haha! Seriously that was fun. Haha glad to know you don’t put me in the same class as that other girl….she was….let’s not even go there!! :)

  19. oh hahahaha! I could so see myself doing this! I shouldn’t say that, because it reveals the crazy jealous side of me. But if you ever want a new target I have a few in mind, haha!

  20. LMAO! this is hilarious and yes i have myspace stalked my boyfriends ex’s even though i don’t have a myspace. pathetic, yes but sooo necessary!

  21. This is HILAR!!!

    No, I haven’t done anything like this, BUT I do google my hubby’s ex-wife every so often! Last time I did (over the summer) a newspaper article popped up about a woman who attacked her estranged husband with a meat tenderizer! (insert your joke here!)

    Yup, it was her, with a crazy looking mug shot!

    I wasn’t going to say anything to my hubby, but couldn’t resist…I emailed the link to him.

    And of course, told everyone I knew, good times :)

  22. Haha this made my day. I’m totally guilty of spending an hour at a time looking at Boyfriend’s ex on facebook. Although I 100% believe him that he would NEVER go there again. It’s still fascinating that he had this whole other relationship (well, 4) before I was around. Of course, I’m still friends with my ex’s. But it would freak the hell out of me if he ever wanted to, say, have lunch with one of HIS. Haha, I’m a total hypocrite.

  23. Haha Totally made my day. I’m a new reader btw :) I’ve done simliar things before, I’ve stalked people I had crushes on at school, found out one is now engaged to a very old long-lost (and well rid of) friend! Plus I don’t think it’s lame you met online. I met my boyfriend online 7 years ago and now we’ve just got engaged.

  24. I’ll fess’ up…I totallly stalked my ex-bf on myspace and I’m glad I did…This tool left his myspace on public (that just asks me to look at it) and being the Carmen San Diego that I am I poked around a little bit to see what i would find. Well I found a little more than I wanted. I found comments on his page to/from all these hoochies and ho’s and then I would go on the girl’s page and see what he wrote..There was one girl that really went to the next level and posted a pic of a girl in a naughty wedding gown and said “you I wear this for halloween or roleplay?!?”…his reply..”both!”…Obviously I broke up with his cheating ass and it was the best decision I’ve ever made..Im now happy and been with my current bf for 3 years! :)

  25. Been there, thought about doing that! There was this one girl who didn’t want to date my husband but didn’t want anyone else to date him either. Surely you know people like this? Once I got in the picture, let the snarky away messages and Facebook comments fly!

    I can only do a limited amount of stalking because I don’t want to be friends with her on facebook or myspace. She still says/does things but we ignore them. We’ve been married over a year and a half.

    On the flip side, my one ex-boyfriend still works in the town we live in because he never went to college and can’t get a job anywhere else. It’s WAY too easy to keep up with him, especially when your husband’s closest friend works for the sheriff’s office =0)

    Thanks for this post!

  26. O.M.G. This is great. Ex-girlfriend stalking is kind of a prerequisite for marriage. At least that’s what I’ve always told myself. Us psychos have to stick together. :-)

  27. When I had a MySpace I looked up an ex which led me to his wife’s page that I scrutinized.

    When I worked at the TV station I used to search the inmate database and court records for people I went to high school with. Mostly just a lot of DUIs, but one guy was awaiting trial for murder. SCAREY!

  28. HAHHAHAA.. that was too funny!
    i have totally Internet stalked boyfriends ex’s, not the guy im with now but previous BF that i now hate with a passion :)
    but also was dating a firemen (ooh lala) and i knew he was seeing someone else to (even tho he said we were exclusive) so me and lyns would drive by his house randomly some nights, especially when he wouldn’t answer his phone, and we drove by right when he was walking in side his house with another female!! ah! so we went to savemart, bought a dozen or 2 eggs and left him a pretty present all over his Tahoe and front of his house :) i know what comes around gos around but who has that kinda patients…

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