21 thoughts on “#28 – Take a new photo of all three of us

  1. you look adorableeeee. LOVE the color of your shirt. :) nevermind that maddie is a scrunched over, there’s enough adorable pictures of her already. :) looking hot mama!

  2. LOL!! It’s SOOO hard to get a decent pic when theyre SO SQUISHY! :D but you’re totally right, you DO look cute! LOL i do the saaaame thing ;)

  3. I don’t think Maddie Jo could ever look NOT cute. :) And you certainly look adorable and lovely! What a sweet family photo…

  4. I knew we were friends for a reason! : ) You have the cutest lil family… ever. Love your outfit! ee!

  5. Oh, see I must have misunderstood the goal. I think a better title should have been “#28 – Take a new photo of all three of us where I’m the only one who looks good”. My mistake :)

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