Someone get me a latte.

No seriously. Before I fall over and hit my head and die or something.

Or kill someone else.

Apparently, we are teething now, and I was up with Madeline ALL. NIGHT. LONG.  It seems a bit early for that, don’t you think? My mom said my brother and I were freakish babies and started teething at 3 months!  Tiny babies with teeth… I just don’t know how I feel about that. Kind of scary.

I’m not going to lie, I’m absolutely terrified of tiny razor sharp daggers being aimed at me. I have a feeling this milk factory is going to be shutting down some time in the near future. I’m just not that into the piercing of nipples, just saying. (I promise that’s the last time I mention them.)

I really do feel sorry for the girl… she’s not getting much rest either, poor baby. I realize I totally sound selfish by complaining and sort of feel guilty about it… but good gracious, if I don’t get a good night’s sleep tonight, beware of the beast that will manifest itself within me.

Justin, hide your laptop.

19 thoughts on “Someone get me a latte.

  1. You poor thing, the only thing that worked for us on sleepless nights it taking turns. That way if you were up all night last night…Just has duty tonight. I have a feeling he will kill me. But we did it. Had designated nights so at some point we both got sleep. Or else we would have lost it!!! But you made me laugh outloud on this one!

  2. Funny you should write this, the corner of Bella’s first tooth apparently came through this morning. Alicia called all excited. Two nights ago Bella was up all night crying and Alicia couldn’t figure out why. Bella is 8.5 months now.

  3. Logan and Juliet BOTH teethed at 3 months. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t terrified that Genevieve is going to do the same thing and bite me. This is the longest I’ve ever nursed any of my kids, so I’ve not had the pleasure of being a teething toy yet. Well except when I tried to use the nipple shield… for some reason as soon as she felt the plastic in her mouth she clamped down… HARD. I can’t imagine that action with teeth.

  4. William started teething around 3 months, also, but I don’t think the teeth actually came through until 5 months. And I got bit way more before he started teething than I did after he got teeth. He only bit me twice with teeth. It hurt, but was nothing compared to the pain of learning how to breastfeed. Definitely didn’t result in a piercing. :)

  5. My oldest got teeth at 3.5 months. Nursing + teeth = no big deal. (Says the Mom who’s nursed 4 kids well into a full set of teeth.)

  6. fyi, I heard even though babies can start teething at 3 months, it could be another 3 months or so before their teeth actually pop through. So hang in there just in case.

  7. If I lived closer, I’d totally run to Starbucks and grab a latte for you!

    Hopefully you and Maddie can both hang in there.

  8. You poor girls! I hope you’re able to find a way to soothe her pain… and yours… very soon!

    Maybe it would be smart to register for a cappuccino maker/latte machine of some sort along with the diaper genie? *Note to self…

  9. Try Baby Orajel. And some baby Tylenol.

    Also, my baby sprouted her first teeth at seven months and I was worried about her chomping down on the milk bags myself, but she hasn’t done it yet and she’s ten months now.

  10. O0hhh, I feel for you 2……I would also get you a latte or a glass of wine—-lol—–It will be fine and you will get through it even though it may not seem that way now….I agree with Shea, you and your husband should take turns, if possible….p and p—–plan and pump—lol—-you need your sanity…My grandson is 7 mos., I keep him 3 days a week. He started teething around 3 mos., but it took another 2 mos. for any teeth to show up…. A little tylenol may also do wonders for her when it gets super bad….Best wishes to you all…..

  11. just found your blog…your daughter is adorable.
    my daughter is teething right now…she’s almost 1 and has 4 coming in at once…some friends suggested hyland’s homeopathic teething tablets…i got them at whole foods ($7). it’s amazing how quickly it changes her demeanor…hope it helps!

  12. Teething tablets and ibuprofen. I swear it works, even as young as she is. I have twins and if it wasn’t for this concotion they would not have made it. They sell them at Walmart.

  13. lol – pierre started teething around the same time too – by 8 months old he had 8 teeth!

    not so good news if youre breastfeeding – like i was for 9 months – that whole mommy bonding expereince crapola should have lasted 6 months tops! …lololol..but who am i kidding! i loved breastfeeding and never having to get up in the middle of the night to make a bottle. …

    anyways – wanted to say i feel your pain, but look at how adorable they are! smile, and this too shall pass :)

  14. I pray that for you, she does get them all in and fast. My son (almost 2 now) has molers and the ones before it coming in, on almost all 4 sides. It’s been over a month and he has been sooooooo cranky, I’ve been just as miserable. I’ve been using Motrin but trying to only use it on his bad, bad days because I really feel like I’m drugging him. But my sanity needs some peace.

    I hope this is done before the next lil’ one comes. I’d really like to rest for a week before I’m up all night again.

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