14 thoughts on ““Mmmm…”

  1. LMAO!! Isaiah & I watched this together and were dying of laughter, WE WANT SOME!!
    p.s. i love that the nutritional facts were facing us LOL!!
    that is THE BEST frosting EVERRRRRR

  2. HAHAHAHA. Okay, that’s my favorite frosting!!! You are so funny! I like how you showed us how many calories that was, lol! :)

  3. if THIS is how you lost all your baby weight.. I don’t get it. Will you send me a vial of your metabolism?

    But I have one thing to add, WHY do the husbands feel so free to critique us for eating sweets?! Am I the one stuffing my mouth with a double-double-animal-style-with-no-tomatoes?? Um no, now shut yo mouth and give me my neopolitan shake!


  4. Hahahaha! I totally love you for this! I’ve been known to eat spoonfuls of frosting, myself…my husband judges me, too. Maybe it’s a female thing.

    Great, now I’m having a frosting craving.

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