My Crafty Area

It’s a work in progress, but I think it’s put together enough to show you guys…



1) Justin’s sister Megan prettied up a letter M for the baby on Christmas. I might have stolen it for my area, but at least  it’s still in her room!

2) A cross-stitched pink elephant. Because I love fat animals… they just make me laugh!

justins note

3) I framed an old photo of Justin and I, along with one of my favorite cards he’s written. Looking at that reminds me of how sweet he can be. :)

4) An old can covered in pretty paper holds pens and scissors.

5) My DIY pincushion from a few weeks ago.


6) Inspiration/photo board with lovely things that put me in a creative mood.

7) The Butterfly art project I made from scrap paper

8) I Love You, Blogs & Tea print from the ever fabulous Made by Girl (Thank you again, Jennifer!)


9) Pretty stacked boxes from Target (on clearance, score!) hold rolls and rolls of cute ribbon.

10) A ribbon box that was given as a birthday gift from Shea.

And there you have it — the space where I waste the most time. :)

28 thoughts on “My Crafty Area

  1. Aaaaa! It’s SO SO SO cute! i’m uber jealous, its looks so pretty! and bright! and spring! and “ahhh” (<–that’s supposed to be a relaxing sound…you know the one? oh nevermind)
    i LOVE it!

    where did you get the blue frame with the glass knobs, corkboard? i neeeeeed one!

  2. that is so so so pretty! i am a disorganized mess when it comes to crafting. i have been coveting that blogs and tea print for ages now, i must have it! xoxo

  3. I love your little spot! I want to sit there and giggle. I am not sure why….So cute…Better than by kitchen table covered in thread. Yep.

  4. jimaie: I bought it from Michael’s like, 3 years ago. I had it in my kitchen at one point and Justin hated it with a passion. There was no way I was throwing it away!

    bethany: All tea! Mmmm….

  5. Oh man, so much better than MY craft area, which is a mountain of stuff I INTEND to sew/craft on top of my sewing machine. I really need to get around to making stuff.

  6. Ok… how cute is your little spot???

    I’m getting a sewing machine for my birthday in a month… I MUST create a work space for me! The only problem is that it will be no where as cute as this. But at least I have someplace to steal ideas from. :-)

  7. I have been reading your blog for a long time and posting for the first time- omg I love your craft is so adorable and inspiring! :)

  8. Your craft corner is so adorable Morgan! I’m so jealous. Right now I sort of just have a small office desk crammed into the corner of my bedroom, and it’s completely covered in books and stuff. No room for craft supplies or cuteness! I’m so jealous :)

  9. That is so adorable! and perfect to be in Maddie’s room, that way when you’re crafting you can still spend time with her! I’m always loved that little bulletin board. It’s so perfect!

  10. so cute. the colors are so springtime fresh!

    but now I’m focused on the fact that your name is Morgan and your husband’s sister’s name is Megan . . .because my brother married a girl named Morgan …and clearly, my name is Maegan.. .lol. Her birthday is actually the day after mine too …there’s a lot of confusion over here because of it and I’m guessing it’s the same for you.

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