April, fool.

af_10Okay, am I the only one that was suspicious of everyone today? I seriously programmed myself to over-analyze every situation and thought the truth was the opposite of what people were saying it was. Does that make sense?

Alyssa, for a split second I wondered if you really did order that dog collar.

Tara, are you really going to Ikea?

I even second-guessed my Etsy purchases, wondering if they counted as real ones. I’m telling you, I have issues!

At the end of the day I realize not a single person played a prank on me and I can’t decide which is more lame — that, or the fact that I spent the day thinking I was the center of everyone’s universe and there was a huge April Fools’ Day conspiracy against me. Which obviously wasn’t the case.

Okay, the answer’s pretty obvious.

7 thoughts on “April, fool.

  1. I always get suspicious of people on April Fools Day, but you may take it to a new level of hilarious! Luckily I didn’t have any pranks pulled on me either!

  2. lol I did the same thing. A friend of mine on fb actually went single to trick us all. I told him later, “Ok, so I couldn’t go “haha” because what if it were true?” It was a horrible trick.

  3. Maybe they DID play a prank on you and you still think it’s real. Make sense. :)

    Just kidding….Happy Thursday!!

  4. Honestly, I hate April Fool’s Day. I just don’t like people playing tricks on me. So, every April Fool’s, I make an announcement that if anyone tries to fool me, they’re getting punched.

    No one’s fooled me yet.


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