A Photo Tag

  • Take a picture of yourself right now.
  • No primping or preparing.
  • Just snap a picture.
  • Load the picture onto your blog.
  • Tag some people to  play along.

So, I was reading Jennifer’s post about how she was tagged, saw her cute photo and thought, “Good Lord. If I’m ever tagged in one of these I better be wearing makeup so I can look that cute.”

Knowing me, I would probably cheat and go put some on real quick, but that’s just between you and me.

Then I scrolled down and saw my name. BLAST! Thankfully I was wearing makeup. (Thanks for the awesome timing Jennifer!)

Bleh. Too much cheese.
Bleh. Cheese.

Your turn ladies… don’t hate me. :)

Jamie @ Oh, How Lovely

Kerri @ your Wishcake

Laurie @ Newly-Wedded Wife

Rachel @ Confessions of a Jersey Girl

Maegan @ …love Maegan (which will undoubtedly be fabulous and make us all sick because she’s a pro and does this all the time, haha)

11 thoughts on “A Photo Tag

  1. how can you feel that way about yourself.thinking people will hate you because of a picture.if they judge you based on a picture and not what you have to say are they really your friends.you look like a respectable young lady.

  2. Thanks Joseph. :) I didn’t mean they’d hate me for the picture though… just because I tagged them and they might have to take an unflattering photo of themselves. I should have made that more clear, haha.

  3. oh hush! you look adorable!
    I love your hair!!
    Wanna know a secret? ever since I was a little girl i’ve wanted to be a secretary/front desk person. like i dreamed of it and my mom was like…um, jimaie, get a REAL dream, you can do that anytime you want. so i did, i made a new dream. BUT i still want to be a really cute front desk/secretary person and wear hot clothes & get my nails done and answer phones and type…so, i love you for having my dream job ;) LOL seriously tho, wanna trade?

  4. Thanks, I do have great timing don’t I? Cause you look wonderful in your picture! As compared to mine where I’m bundled up against the coldness in my office!

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