22 thoughts on “5 Generations

  1. This is amazing! 5 generations is quite a feat. We took one with 4 generations of my baby boy, hubby, his dad and granddad. Great memory!

  2. I can’t believe how young your great grandmother looks!!! You look just like your lovely mother!! I’m sure Maddie is so excited to be born into such a good looking family!!

  3. You have a beautiful family. You have some great genes girl! the women in your family obviously age realllly well :) Lucky you!

  4. you guys are SERIOUSLY some of the best lookin ladies in fresno FO SHO’
    I cannot believe how great all the gramma’s look! It is ridiculous!
    So wait, are you Morgan Jo b/c if so you guys are officially the cutest family on this planet, i love it! :D

  5. OK so what I see in this picture is that you are going to look AMAZING when you get older. Seriously Grandma and Great-Grandma look FABULOUS! And I agree with some comments above that you do look like your beautiful Mom! What great genes you have!!! :)

  6. What a darling photo! You should totally frame it! I love it! You’re so lucky your grandma and great-grandma are both alive! Lucky lassie! Maddie looks so cute as usual! And you look great too! Dang, girl, you’re so skinny! And yes, as others have said — you have some awesome genes! WOrk it ladies!

  7. I have a photo like this that I cherish so much. My grandma and mom dropped me off at college – and there’s a picture of the three of us in my room – it means so much to me. My two favorite women, and the beginning of some of the best years in my life.

    It was awesome. :)

  8. this is a wonderful photo. What beautiful ladies!! It’s such a blessing that you are surrounded by these women in your family.

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