Mrs. Priss turns 1 and a Giveaway

… well actually, she turned a year old some time a few weeks ago and I totally missed it.

(We all know why I forgot.)

Anyway, I just want to say thank you to everyone who follows me and reads my little outbursts of randomness. You have helped me through my pregnancy, fashion emergencies and new mom booby troubles.

If you all didn’t leave such sweet comments, I think I would have probably done something dramatic long ago, like shut down the blog while pounding my fists and crying emo tears to the heavens. And then quite possibly packing my things and moving to a little obscure country to be a monk or something.

I don’t handle failure well.

It’s been a while since I hosted a giveaway, but this seems like the perfect opportunity! Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win this lovely apron from ReDivine’s Etsy shop:

(that would be my sweet sister in law Megan, who runs the shop with her good friend Sheree)

Comments will be open until next Wednesday, April 29th at midnight (11:59pm to be exact!) and the winner will be announced the following morning.

Good luck to all, and thank you again!

60 thoughts on “Mrs. Priss turns 1 and a Giveaway

  1. ya first comment!
    happy Birthday, well sort of!
    i love reading your blog, and enjoy seeing madie getting bigger with each post!
    love ya hun :)

  2. how cute is this apron!? “LET’S MAKE PIE”?! I LOVE it! and your sis in law is adorable!
    Also, i faved that oven mitt in her shop, super cute.

    YAY for giveaways! :D

  3. Ohhhh, my gosh! That is probably the cutest apron ever! Freaking awesome. If you could make sure I win, that would be great. K, thanks.


  4. Okay that apron is adorable! Go megan! Your whole family is so crafty! You’ve got Shea, you, Megan (who refinishes furniture too, right?) and the baking ladies! I mean woah. I love that apron and would wear it and pretend to make pies when in actuality, I would just be placing the pre-made cookie dough on a cookie sheet and drinking wine.

    Because let’s be honest.. me making pies? Horrible idea.

  5. Happy late blog birthday! I have a 7 month old and love reading about your little girl! Love it!

  6. Our Blogs are almost the same age! And i forgot to do a happy blogoversary for myself. I started last April… and I def. should copy y0u and give an AWESOME giveaway!

  7. Miss Priss – I love ready your blog and looking at all your adorable pics of baby Maddy! Happy B’day

  8. I heart that apron. A lot.

    but even more, I heart your blog! And you!!

    one whole year of fabulousness and fun… yay for Mrs. Priss!

  9. Oh my, that apron is C.U.T.E!!

    Congrats on your blog-a-versary! I always love reading about all of your (and now Maddie’s) adventures! Here’s to another year! :)

  10. OMG. I bake pies for my husband’s volleyball team each time they win a game. This apron is just what I need! Thanks for bringing the etsy shop to my attention!!

    Happy Blogging!

  11. I just have to say that Maddie is ADORABLE! I love all her super cute hairbands:) Makes me want a little girl next!!

    I love reading your blog…it makes me happy:)

  12. Cutest. Apron. EVER.
    I’ve never left a comment on a blog before…but the apron inspired me :)

  13. Love your blog! Can’t believe it’s only been a year. It seems like you’ve had your blog much longer. Love the apron and seeing as I’ve never had one, but I bake all of the time-I think it would be wonderful to win this one!!

  14. congrats on a year and maddie, too!.. I wish I had found your blog earlier last year. I had my 1st baby (scarlett) 1 month after maddie and it’s been so fun to read and relate! and oh, i relate too much… which has made me feel somewhat sane in this crazy experience of motherhood! (there is a lot they sure don’t tell you)
    anywhoo.. love the blog, i always look forward to reading, crafting & pics.

    ~”mama needs a new apron” joanna :)

  15. p.s. I mean, we live close to one another. Haha.
    For some reason that sounds creepster or something – “MORGAN, we are SO close! I know your soul! BESTFRIENDSFORLIFE! We’re so close because I’m stalking you!”

    Yeah, that’s not what I meant. haha. :D

  16. MAN! I can’t believe i didn’t enter this! Okay, I’d totally adore this apron. I’m a mess in the kitchen, but it usually goes on the walls, not me. So maybe I need a wall-apron. But still. I’d love it.

    Good luck to me!

  17. Cute! If I don’t win, at least I have new inspiration to bust out the sewing machine and make myself an apron anyway :)

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