I talk good.

English was always my favorite subject in school, grammar being my weapon of choice. As with most of my quirks amazing qualities, I blame thank Mom.

I can remember a time when Mom corrected Dad after he ended a sentence in a preposition.

Dad: Honey, where are the car keys at?

Mom: You mean, “where are the car keys?”… it makes perfect sense without using at. They’re on the table.

Dad: -_-

That situation taught me a valuable lesson. And soon, I started teaching that lesson to my friends whenever they’d make that common mistake. (I’m sure they loved me for it.)

The whole preposition thing has been a running joke in our family for about 15 years. So naturally, when I saw this card at Target I had to buy it for my Dad’s birthday…

Two girls are on the front, sitting at a table.  One asks the other, “Where’s your birthday party at?”

The second girl says, “Don’t end a sentence with a preposition.”

When you open the card, the first girl replies, “Where’s your birthday party at, bitch?”

He’s going to laugh.

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19 thoughts on “I talk good.

  1. Love it!!!

    Did you see the group “I judge you when you use poor grammar” on facebook? The page has some really, REALLY funny photos of mistakes.

  2. LOL! My mom has always been the preposition nazi in our house too! Maybe they were better about teaching those preposition rules when our mom’s were in school than when we were (or perhaps I just didn’t pay THAT much attention to it). :)

  3. Haha, that’s awesome. I tend to correct Phill when he spells “you’re” as “your”. It’s become a running joke now and I swear he misspells on purpose, just to bug me. :P

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