Every once in a while the internet will go crazy over some completely ridiculous, kitschy trend. Have you noticed? It’s like you can stitch the dumbest looking thing on a pillow or something and all of a sudden it’s considered chic.

Well call me crazy, but I’m totally falling for this whole mustache thing that’s going on right now.  Have you guys seen how much they’re popping up? They’re totally silly and I don’t take them seriously, but I still sort of love it.

Exhibit A:

A scented drawer sachet
Staches on a shirt! This is too much for me to handle.
Staches on a shirt! This is too much for me to handle.
A stitched stache! I must make this.
A stitched stache! I must make this.
key hook
A key hook...

A few minutes ago, I found this key hook and immediately wanted it. Does it go with my home decor? HA, no. So, I asked Justin what he thought about it…

me: is it weird i want that?
Justin: umm, i think that’s the definition of weird, yes
me: :(

He’s not exactly sold on the idea of sprinkling our home with touches of mustaches, but give it time and he won’t be able to say no.

morgstacheI mean, what man could resist this? Srsly.

24 thoughts on “Mustaches

  1. Hahaha! I totally get this! I’m absolutely jumping on the mustache bandwagon. The other day, I nearly paid $40 for a hand-carved wooden mustache-on-a-stick. Seriously, WHO AM I?

    (Also, I want that pillow.)

    (Also, I may just make some felt mustaches into pins and sell them in my shop and will be AMAZING. You should make some mustache hairclips for babies! Buahahaha! Ingenious!)

  2. I noticed that stitched mustache yesterday. I don’t think it will be a trend I go for though lol. hopefully I don’t go for it anyway…

  3. haha this is so funny. thomas has an app on his iphone that puts mustaches on peoples pictures. let’s just say…i’m glad i don’t have facial hair.

  4. I totally skipped all this once I saw a mustache because I KNEW you had to have taken a picture of yourself with the mustache. Haha too funny. That key holder would be cool if your hubby had a man room. But yeah I’ve been to your house and I don’t see a mustache fitting in there. Except that cross stitch I could envision somewhere in your bookcase. Hmmmm

  5. omg, you are too cute!!
    and I hope Kerri does make mustache pins. I would so buy those. Not so sure about the stache bows for little girls though… :)

  6. OK this just cracks me up. Have you seen my husband’s profile pick on Facebook. Ummm… yeah. Halloween party last year a gag gift was a pack of staches and Stephen had so much fun posing for photos with them on. So hilarious.

  7. LOL ! It must be a mustache phase. I love the mustache key hook – there’s nothing weird about wanting that at all!

  8. Mustaches? I had no idea. That must be why all these hot actors have them now, like Brad Pitt. I DO like that drawer sachet, though.

  9. Haha… maybe your want for all things mustaches will go away soon? But regardless, it’s a cute key holder thingy. :) And even with a mustache, you’re a cutie. :)

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