The Look for Less – Katie Holmes

katie holmes

Wait… Are we even allowed to call her Katie anymore? Or is she just Kate? You know, because Kate just sounds so much more grown up, and I can really take someone named Kate so much more seriously than someone named Katie. The two names are just so different, you know? (Ugh, TOM.)

Anyway. The girl has been through a lot, but she proves that no matter who you’re married to or how batcrapcrazy they are, you can still pull it together and look fabulous. R-e-s-p-e-c-t, right here.

look for less holmes

  • Ruffle Halter Top – Arden B.: $38.00
  • Linen Flare Pant – Forever 21: $22.80
  • Black Snake Peep Toe Pumps – Target: $26.99
  • Clutch – Aldo: $35.00
  • Polished Bead Bracelet – Forever 21: $6.80

7 thoughts on “The Look for Less – Katie Holmes

  1. lol….I still call her Katie..

    I got the apron today!!
    I’m hopefully gonna get to blogging about it tomorrow..I’m going on a little girls night out at a B&B!

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