And we have a tooth!

A week or so ago, Madeline just stopped what she was doing and let out the loudest, most awful shriek I’ve ever heard. I honestly didn’t think someone so small was capable of producing a noise of that caliber, but apparently something was bothering her enough to unleash it.

I figured she must be cutting a tooth because she’s been drooling like a maniac for about 2 months now and I had my first tooth really early. I was sort of expecting it to happen ‘any day now’ for quite a while.

In the midst of the screaming, I fumbled with the container of Hyland’s teething tablets and managed to get her to take one. I kid you not, these things are tiny, chalky MIRACLES. They’re homeopathic, dissolve SO fast, and work instantly. Poor Madeline immediately calmed down and I was able to feel her gums without causing her more pain.

And, there it was! A sharp, razorlike, dagger of a tooth in my little girl’s mouth. I called Justin in to come see as she chomped down hard on my finger. I swear, baby teeth could be used as weapons.

Crawling is coming soon, and let me tell you, that scares the crap out of me. She needs to stop growing up so fast.

Let the baby-proofing begin…

I just noticed that her foot extends her ear just enough to make her look somewhat like Sloth from Goonies at first glance. Sorry baby. :)

19 thoughts on “And we have a tooth!

  1. Congrats! My guy just turned 1 and has 12 teeth already! It is crazy how sharp those little buggers are! The babyprofing is a MUST when that crawling starts…it won’t be long either! She looks like she is ready to go in that pic!

  2. I miss her to pieces…please can we plan a bbq? I want to kiss all over her face! They really do grow up to fast…at least she is not a tank not willing to move, right??? We leave that for the bubba.

  3. Aww so cute! Luckily you have the help of the tablets, or it might be a very restless time in your house while her teeth come in! I have a challenge for you – photograph the tooth close up! Haha, that could be interesting… :P

  4. Aww, poor baby! I’ve never heard of those tablets, but I’m making a note of them for future reference!

    She is gorgeous as always! And she looks a lot like you!

  5. @Katie: Oh good Lord, hahaha! If I attempted that I might come back looking like Chubbs from Happy Gilmore.

    @Lauryn: Thanks so much! I still have a hard time seeing the resemblance, but it makes me feel better that some people can, haha.

  6. Those little teeth are sharp when they first come in! Have fun baby proofing, at least you don’t have to try and baby proof for a little one, yet still allow an older one (MIL) with athritis to get in the cabinets. Creative baby proofing at our house.

    Madeline is beautiful.

  7. I’m so glad those tablets work so well! Poor baby girl! And I cannot even believe she’s already getting her teeth.

    Look at her hair growing in that picture! Pretty soon she’s going to have her own little bob. :-D

  8. hylands teething tablets are a godsend!
    omg, morgan, i cannot believe how BIG she looks in that picture!! AND i see the 2nd tooth right next to it ready to make an appearance, eeek!! She is just gorgeous, seriously.
    WHY? haven’t i met up with you girlies yet? why??

  9. @Steph: I know!! I can’t wait for her little Suri bob! hahah

    @Tristan: Aren’t they the best? I love them! And thanks so much!

    @jimaiemarie: Okay, seriously. Let’s plan a meetup soon! Lunch? Tea?

  10. Thanks for the advice on the teething tabs!! I’m pretty sure ours is working on a tooth as well. I can’t believe how FAST they grow!!!!

  11. Do you seriously understand the cuteness of your child? Like, the fact that she should be on the cover of a freaking magazine? I love her little button nose! I’m seriously going to put a photo of her on my fridge, and my husband will officially think I’m crazy-pants.

    I speak the truth.

  12. be still my heart, your child is simply adorable. ADORABLE!!

    I can’t believe she’s old enough to be teething already…

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