Thrift Store Frame Makeover

A week or so ago I scored a couple picture frames from a local thrift shop for about a dollar each. Take a look at these babies…

fugly frames

I mean, who wouldn’t want a creepy horse-lady-bride-staring-at-the-moon painting? Yikes.

(I actually kept these in the shopping bag until I the second I was ready to paint them because I just couldn’t handle the creep factor. I’m serious.)

A few coats of spray paint and an adorable mini print from Wren and Chickadee gives you something much easier on the eye.

new frame

I’m not sure yet, but I think this little squirrel might be making it’s home in our kitchen.

Also, I am now fully addicted to spray painting. Addicted, I tell you. You can’t even step out onto our back porch… dozens of little knick-knacks are sitting out there on old sheets of newspaper, awaiting their fate. I’ve already painted an old shelf, some baby food jars and a leaf. Why, I don’t even know.

It’s becoming a problem.

20 thoughts on “Thrift Store Frame Makeover

  1. DUDE. I’ve been staring down those mini-prints. I want some to go in my cube, but I can’t decide which ones!

    I LOVE that frame too. You’ve totally inspired me to go track down some cheap frilly frames to spray paint. I was just telling my mom tonight about Tara’s awesome wall of frames.

    P.S. I hope you are saving those creepster pictures for some sort of gag gift. Too bad you can’t interoffice them to your mom anymore ;)

  2. i’m so jealous of not only your craftiness, but also your initiative.

    i like to craft but it’s often trumped by my laziness.

  3. Bahaha…if I were drinking liquid right now it would be coming out my nose; I totally forgot about that print…it CRACKS ME UP and I LOVE it!!!!

    A couple weekends ago I spray painted our gold trimmed fireplace door with metallic black. Mmmm. I need to find some cool frames for my craft room..I just painted it!

  4. I need to see what you do with the baby food jars. I have a collection of those myself and I’m not sure what to do with them. However, it pains me to just toss them out.

  5. @Beverly: I’m going to make a spice rack with them… I will post pictures as soon as I’m done!

  6. oh my goodness, yes, spray paint is one of my best friends. It’s sort of ridiculous how many things in my home are spray-painted.

    these are adorable! what a great idea.

  7. I do the same thing!
    I just got a buttload of ugly gold knick naks from a friends mom and they are nice things like angels and such but the gold is FAR from our taste, so soon I will be doing the same as you and making them go with our decor.

  8. Dang you!!! I’ve been looking for frames exactly like that for months for our bedroom. And can’t find ANYTHING. I’ll keep looking…


  9. Okay, so maybe I’m just lame, but I’ve never spray painted anything – ever. Do you buy the paint at a craft store? Because now I’m seriously inspired.

    Also, I love that you painted a leaf. You are freaking amazing.

  10. I love it- I’m inspired to do something similar…as a newbie to crafts just wondering what kind of spray paint is the best? Thanks! :)

  11. LOL!!!! ok those pictures?! Aaaa!!!!
    omg i love that you painted a leaf b/c tj caught me spray painting the grass at our old house after I was done spray painting these picture frames I had and i wanted to keep painting! He was SO Annoyed!! but the grass was so purty! ;D
    isn’t it crazy how once you start you don’t wanna stop??

  12. me likey!
    gotta get jiggy with the spray can idea – but love it!

    annnddddd – it not fair! you’re too damn crafty :)

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