Bangs or not?

HELP ME, my lovely lady friends. Do you have bangs? Have you had bangs? Are they a good idea or not?

I’m getting my hair done later today and I’m wanting something different. I know I finally went back blonde after whining about it for a year, but I even kinda sorta might want to dye it back brown as well. I’m weird, let’s just agree on that right now.

Anyway, I know I look absolutely NOTHING like Kim Kardashian, but this picture made me rethink my current California Girl look…

kim kardashian bangs

Dark, shiny… I would need a major tan so as not to look albino-goth again (bad times, bad times), but I think it’s doable.

Advice? Suggestions? You have 4 hours! :)

17 thoughts on “Bangs or not?

  1. Bangs- yes, you have the eyes for them- they are sparkly happy eyes and bangs will draw attention. Do it. Dark? Nope- sorry I would have to veto that for the CA summer! Thing about chlorine too… not good. Save it for fall ;-)

  2. You’re too cute – I love bangs & they work with pretty much everyone, but the dark hair/blunt bangs thing is everywhere I am right now. If that’s not as much the case where you are I say go for it! Just be prepared for the whole maintenance of keeping a very different hair colour & the increased cost of that.

    If you can afford to dye it every month then I’d go for it, why not have a change? =)

  3. I say, stay blond for a while. You are a lucky girl who’s able to rock both the brunette and blond but I think I prefer the blond on you … And you just became blond again, so maybe you should enjoy it for a bit. Plus, it’s summer so it’s always fun to go lighter for summer. You can always go darker in the winter.

    If you’re looking for a change, maybe you could add bangs and then dye it all dark if you still want some more change.

    Oh, and maybe you could start off with side bangs … see if you like it and then go for straight-across bangs after that?

    I love my side bangs … I cut them myself maybe six years ago and now I couldn’t live without them!

    p.s. It was so fun to see you guys yesterday! We should do it again soon! Yay for triple bloggy dates!

  4. I love Kim K’s bangs and I think it would be a fun switch up from your side swept look (which looks great on you too!) And I say go for the dark! I had to look back for some pics of you with dark hair (found one on the bio page) and I love it. I always love the dark hair and light skin combo tho, i think its beautiful!
    um, but i’m a crazy girl who loves change so maybe i’m not the best advice giver…I’d have pink in my hair if Starbucks allowed it ;) LOL!

  5. I think you should give it a go. I tried bangs a few years ago and my main concern was that I’d eventually hate them, want to outgrow them, and I’d be stuck waiting forever for them to be normal again. Somehow, that never happened. Mine weren’t really thick and choppy, so they eased right into the rest of my hair… therefore growing them out happened really easily when I was finished!

    I like Kim’s look, it seems similar! As soon as you’d be done with them you could just start sweeping them to the side.

  6. i’m just like you in that i can never make up my mind regarding hair color. when i’m blonde i want to be dark, when i’m dark i want to be blonde. the grass always seems greener right? but i think you should stay blonde for the summer :)
    YES YES YES on the bangs. and the good thing about bangs is that there are so many ways you can pull them back if you want. i got bangs for a minute but they are almost impossible to do because of my huge cowlick. so in the process of growing them out i just do a little side twist or pull them back into a poof. but i think they would look so good on you! do it!

  7. I say the fading, because that has always been my experience… I’d dye it extra dark for summer and then wind up with an orangey colored ‘do that got bleached by the summer sun. But maybe it’s different for you.

  8. Wow, you girls are awesome! Thanks so much for all the feedback!

    @Natali: That makes sense about California summers… the dark will definitely fade. Why am I acting like I haven’t lived here my whole life? hahaha

    @kyla: With my sister in law being in beauty school and needing practice, I actually am able to afford the upkeep for once! :)

    @sarah marie: I like this gradual side bang idea… I like the way you think! I think I might be trying that.

    @cait: No, seriously. The grass is always greener. You and I seem to alternate between blonde and brunette as often as the other one, right? I’m just never happy!

    @lisa: That’s been the case for me too (the brassy faded color)… I’ll keep this in mind too. :) Thanks!

  9. BANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take a zillion pictures okay?

    (and I vote for blond too. You JUST switched to the blond! Leave it for a little while at least)

  10. i think you can pull off blonde or brunette, lucky girl. I am partail to dark hair, but maybe you can get them to put in some highlights and lowlights to get a balance between the two?

    oh, and bangs for sure. i’m getting mine cut back short this week.

  11. I got bangs for the first time last September and have loved them ever since! I keep my long – below my eyebrows, touching my eyelashes – and so they can be worn straight, sideswept, or combed/pinned back. They are so versatile… And you definitely have the cute look to pull them off. :)

  12. I know I totally missed the deadline, but I got bangs last week and I love them. I feel totally in style. Kindof in that way that people might look and say, hum, that is a different look. She must really be a fashionista. And then I smile and catwalk away. Haha!

  13. I know you’ve already had your haid “did”, so I’m just going to say one thing: I kind of want to punch Kim Kardashian in the mouth.

    Mostly because of her shrill voice, and also because I find anyone who is known only by their sex tape and ginormous bum highly irritating.

    On a lighter note, her hair does look pretty here. See? I’m not all mean.

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