Some Analytical Goodness

I have always found it entertaining to look at my blog’s analytics to see what leads people here. Here are a few recent favorites.

“i’m freaking adorable” … and humble too! P.S. You sound like you’d be my BFF, so please email me sometime.

“where’s your birthday party at bitch?” Don’t you know it’s wrong to end a sentence with a preposition?

“jiggly jugs” – Moms with J.J.’s, UNITE!

“big jiggly jugs” – Yes, we have those, too.

“mom’s firm jugs” Okay, we get it.

“24 weeks pregnant and not feeling as excited about it as I did in the beginning” – That sounds about right. That’s just about the time you start feeling less cute and more whale-like.

“chesticles” – Best word ever.

“rainbow chip frosting” – I vote Yes and yes.

“ex girlfriend of husband stalking me” – I have no idea what you mean by this. No idea, whatsoever.

“look at my thong wedgy” – Let’s not.

“ghetto maternity clothes” – Geeze, I didn’t think they were that bad.

“babies with mustaches” – Let’s just move on from this before I curl into the fetal position and cry from the the mental image this gives me.

8 thoughts on “Some Analytical Goodness

  1. Oh man, ‘babies with mustaches.’ That is both wrong and hilarious and the same time. Surely they didn’t mean your baby…

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