New Hairstyle – Still Blonde, New Bangs

Thank you all for your feedback on my hair crisis post. What would I do without you all? Seriously. You gave me some super helpful advice that led me to this decision…

morgan-bangsI’m staying blonde and just added some bangs.  I’ve had an irrational fear of getting bangs since birth, I’m not even lying (okay maybe a little), so this was a HUGE step for me.


Since you girls said you love having them and they’re fun and flirty and versatile, I decided to just join the club already. I think I’m liking it!

We’ll just see how I feel when I have to style them on my own. Eep.

30 thoughts on “New Hairstyle – Still Blonde, New Bangs

  1. I came across your gorgeous blog a couple of weeks ago so I think its about time I drop by and say hello! Your bangs look awesome!! I just got some as well and like you I have always been scared to get them! (And my reaction was exactly like yours, but since getting them I love them!) You look fabulous! xx

  2. Very sassy! Bangs suit you – I love them on you. Your forehead is totally suited for bangs, they fall perfectly:)

  3. Very cute! I’m glad you stayed blonde -seeing these pictures it really suits you & dying away from your natural colour is such a hassle. Looks great!

  4. You look STUNNING!!! Great decision! I’ve wanted to try bangs for years now, but haven’t gotten that brave yet! LOL!! But you look amazing…work it girlie!! :)

  5. I was blog hopping, and I came across your blog. It’s too cute! I love it! Thanks for being so fresh and fun!

    xo, Ash

  6. How adorable are you?! Ugh, how could you ever go back to not having bangs ever this? This is the best, Morgan. The best.

  7. Looks great! I love the colour through the hair … it reminds me that I am waaay overdue for my own hair touch-up! :D

  8. fabulous fabulous fabulous! ..I love it! . . .. I ALWAYS want to go dark and be exotic but I’m so not …just doesn’t work on me …glad I tried it when I was young enough that it didn’t matter …you look FANTASTIC with bangs!!!! nice choice …the color is rad too.

  9. I LOVE the bangs on you, Morgan!! You look so retro, chic, and beautiful. (well, you always do, but the bangs are a super-fun addition to your fabulousness! :))

  10. SHUT UP! They are absolutely ADORABLE! Seriously, you’re gorgeous.

    And thus my bang envy is now taken to entirely new levels. (I love using the phrase “bang envy” because it sounds slightly dirty. Just saying.)

  11. They look great on you! & I love the color job. I’m not allowed to dye my hair until I get back from studying abroad because I have my grandmother’s hair apparently and I guess she’s going to want to see it?! Haha.

  12. I just google searched “hairstyles with bangs”. I am taking your picture to my hairdresser. Lovely hair cut.

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